Saturday, July 30, 2011

Sewing Camp for Kids! Fun Week!!

My friends, Paul and Bernie Enright, own a fabric warehouse. Yep, my kind of place. They are wholesalers, so I can get great deals. They opened retail last October, and I have been teaching some classes there. He created a great area for us! It has great lighting, a huge cutting table, lots of tables and electricity, and a wonderful design wall. Who can't have fun with that?

I have had some fun teaching. This week, I did a sewing camp for kids. I planned out different activities every day, but my plan went by the wayside the first day. No problem! I want the kids to have fun, and learn something that they are interested in. E, the first student on Monday, had prior experience sewing, and wanted to make pajamas. I had patterns, and she picked out a pretty flannel. She learned about laying out a pattern, basic body measurements, and seam allowances, plus some time saving tricks I discovered. We had fun. A father stopped by with his daughter and niece, and they wanted to make pajamas, too. They came back on Tuesday, because E had another appointment. E also had enough time to make a scrap catcher/pin cushion that I designed. Mom was thrilled, and asked if I could teach zippers, buttons, and buttonholes on Wednesday. Sure!!

So, D and T came on Tuesday, and made pajamas while Aunt/Mom S watched. Dad is thrilled, and wants me to make sure they know it inside out, (pun intended) and has ordered fabric for all his neices and nephews. The girls are going to be busy for weeks! Aunt S is coming for sewing lessons, to make clothes for her family, too.

Wednesday, E came and we did a practice zipper, and a button by machine, and a buttonhole. Then I showed her a plan for a little wristlet that has a zipper. She decided to do a 4 patch bottom with a strip at the top, and we found some nifty ball trim to accent the strip. She cut the squares on the Accuquilt GO! die cutting machine, pieced the front, and quilted the front and back. She inserted the zipper, and attached the lining, and mom was super impressed. Aunt worked on laying out patterns, and picking the next few projects.

Thursday's project was curtains. Yes, a 10 year old wanted to make curtains for her bedroom. Her older sister has been meaning to do it, but hasn't had time. We made simple panels with 2 inch header and rod pocket, but she did a blind hem for the bottom. She sewed the rings on the tie backs by machine (Um, maybe I should have pushed a little hand sewing knowledge, oops, lol) E's wristlet and the curtain fabric are in this picture. D and T came for a short while to visit their aunt/mother and played with scraps, making small pillows. We will be working on their wristlets on Monday.


Friday was pillowcases to match the curtains. We used the Burrito/Sausage method, and E renamed it Magic Tube. She learned how to create a french seam, too, and Mom was very impressed. T was there with mom S, who finished a top and pants. T is making pillowcases, too. I can't wait to hear the reactions from E's bigger sisters, who were at camp. Sometimes being flexible about the plans works out better! I had so much fun seeing the growth of these new friends. So, what is the next class?? E's favorite part was piecing and quilting the wristlet. We have a new quilter, friends!!

Here's a sample wristlet that I did.