Thursday, May 14, 2015

Island Batik at Quilt Market

If you've been following any quilting related social media, you know that International Quilt Market is this weekend in Minneapolis, Minnesota.   Since I'm not going, yet (it's on my bucket list), I figured I would share some of the gorgeous new fabrics your favorite quilt shop owners will be seeing.

Why do I have these?  Because I'm one of the Island Batik Ambassadors, and I get samples to share.

So, get your eyes ready to feast on these stunning fabrics.

This group is called Grapevine.  It features teals, purples, golds and yellows.  The colors are rich and vibrant, and the fabrics are just wonderful.  I love the crispness and the feel of the greige goods, and they take the dyes so well.   I can't wait to play with these!  So far, I've only been looking at them, and trying to decide how they want to be put into a project.

This year, the prints include the paisley/traditional style, and the small pine tree print, among others.  I wish you could see these in person, and touch them.  You'll see why I love Island Batik fabrics.

The paisley and sunflowers will be in other colors, too, as will the animal print.  

This one is my favorite.  When I opened the box and pulled this out, I just said "OOOHhh".  It was stunning, and caught my attention right away.  The colors are just so vibrant, and that paisley speaks to my "traditional" print heart.  This is one I would buy yards of, and savor for a while before deciding what to make.  

The second collection I got is called Buttermilk.  

The colors in this are really yummy!  I'm sure that led to the name.  
 Cream and peach with swirls of dots, and a gorgeous floral with a touch of lavender. aqua, and yellow, as well as the peach and cream.

 That gorgeous paisley again!  
The pine trees, this time in pale green on cream. 
 Paisley again!  
These two were my favorite in this collection.  

So, any thoughts on what you would make?  Do you plan to ask your favorite quilt shops to carry Island Batik?  Which of these would you buy?  Let me know!  I love your replies.  
Thanks for visiting!  Enjoy the rest of the Quilt Market posts!  Hopefully, they will get your ideas flowing, and you'll end up with some gorgeous quilts and purses.  

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

16 Dresses and a Skirt and a Man's Vest

Was that the title to the movie with Katherine Heigl?? No, the movie is 27 dresses.  This is also not for the same plot, but it does explain what I've been doing for the past few weeks.

As I mentioned in THIS post, I'm making dresses for the Quilt Dance at Lehigh Valley Charter Arts.  I'm finally done, and wanted to share some of them.  There are 16 dresses altogether, plus a vest for the male dancer, and I also made a skirt for the soloist who sings the opening of this piece.  The students love the dresses!  I'm thrilled.  I added vintage buttons to some, and other details to others.  One has red trim, so I'm calling it my "1950's Diner Waitress" dress.  I need to get a photo of the group, and that dress.  It was fun to add little touches.  

The first one is made with a grey mottled cotton.  It looks great on stage.  This one has cuffed sleeves, and vintage brass buttons, in an olive green woven polyester.  

This one is a super soft homespun fabric.  It's the kind of dress you would want to live it, it's that comfy.  Those 3 use the same pattern.

 This is another homespun plaid, and it has a very retro vibe to it.  The pattern is Simplicity.
 This is the same dress, only in solid black cotton, with gold and pearl buttons.  I think June Cleaver or Lucy Ball would have worn something like this.  I joked that the girl needed a black patent leather belt, a strand of pearls and a brooch.  She's using a belt.  And, with her beautiful black hair, she really does look very good in this.  Very '50s Hollywood.
This is the third style, only I left off the pockets.  Again, another great teal and purple homespun.  I wish I had more of this fabric.  I would love a shirt in it.

And the skirt fabric is great, too.
I hope to get more photos of the students wearing these, and the other 9 dresses.  It's been a challenge to make them, using retro patterns and trying to use fabrics and trims I had here or could purchase from Paul.  I think I did well, and the look for the theme of the dance is great.  One student said that it's the first time she has a costume that actually fits her.  I'm thrilled to have made her happy.

And I'm thrilled to have finished these dresses!  It's been an interesting process, and now I have tons of fabric scraps to cut into squares and strips for some scrappy quilts.  I have lots planned, and need to get the Accuquilt GO! cutter out and get the piles cleaned up, cut, and sorted.

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Friday, May 1, 2015

And The Winner Is... And an Island Batik Challenge

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Melissa said...
I follow fnq on fb ��
Melissa, I've sent you an email.  Thanks, everyone, so much for participating in this hop. Melissa I can't wait to see what you choose from Fabrics N Quilts.  Have fun shopping!  

For other news Island Batik has teamed up with  Superior Threads and  American Sewing Expo for a challenge - the  Chic Batik Challenge!  
Order your fabrics from Superior Threads, make a gorgeous garment, and enter by August 1, 2015.  You have a chance to win great prizes.  Find all the info HERE
I'm planning something with these gorgeous rayon batiks. I'm trying to decide on my colors.  
Should I go with  Boysenberry Jam?
Or maybe Raspberry Fusion?

Or maybe Hummingbird Punch?  
Or... I wish I could get all 3, and the black and white...  Now to pick out a garment!  I know I want a batik shirt. Maybe a skirt?? Or should I do a dress??  Ohhhh.  I can't wait to play! I hope you choose to participate, too.  

Thanks for visiting!  I'm also linking with Quilt Shop Gal's Creative GoodnessShe's also sharing her May Free Motion Quilting Challenge. So, go, and be inspired!  Have fun!Creative Goodness landscape copy