Sunday, October 25, 2015

Some Prizes and Finishes.

Hi!  This has been a fun week.  More of the You Can Quilt blogs have been shared, it's Quilt Market time in Houston, Tx (despite Hurricane Patricia's rain), and I got a new contact lens that fits well, and gives me 20/20 vision in my left eye, which is amazing.  If you've been following my blog for a bit, you may have heard that I have Keratoconus, a degenerative corneal disease.  I had a cornea transplant in 2014, and recently had cataract surgery and an implant, all in the left eye.  Without the lens my vision is 20/400.  This Scleral lens, combined with the implant and cornea transplant are medical miracles for me.  It's been fun to actually see the signs in the aisle of the grocery store, and see the people walking, too.  

So, the prizes.  
Shannon from FabricsNQuilts sponsors the Scrap Quilt Challenge, and since I've been a friend for many years, and love a challenge, I've been entering the challenge for 5 years, too.  She does a random drawing for the prizes, so it's not a popularity contest, but the more scrappy quilts you finish, the more chances you have to win.  Kim from Persimmon Dreams is going to host the challenge next year.  Keep an eye out for info.  I won a book called Small Pieces, Spectacular Quilts.  

I really liked this design, but I adore blue quilts.

Another prize was the seam ripper from Havel's.  They had a question on the Facebook page, and my response was randomly chosen to get a seam ripper. 
I guess I'll have to make a mistake so I can try it out, lol. 

I also finished 2 smaller quilts.  The first is another Autumn Leaves by Quilt In A Day.  I made some a few years ago, and 2 of them have Fibre Optic lights around the center square.  When a customer at a show saw it, she wanted the leaves, in a shorter runner, and "no lights".  

Since the pattern makes 4 leaves, I decided to do hers, and another for the shop, without lights.  This one has the rust leaf print for binding, and I like it.  I used a stencil to quilt the center block but put feathers in the rest of the cream areas   I quilted the leaves to look like they had veins, in Aurifil 50wt Mako colors 2355 for the brown, 1103 for the rust/red middle section, and 2324 in the golden tan area.  The rest of the quilting was 2000, a sweet cream.  I love how the Aurifil thread colors work to accent and blend into the leaves.  Here's the quilting from the back (yes, I use matching bobbins to avoid the bobbin thread showing on the top.  I just free-motion veins!  It's fun.  Aurifil makes it so easy to get good results.  

The other finish is Pumpkin Grins, also a Quilt In a Day pattern.

I added LED lights and changed the face features.  I had actually made this a few years ago, and it was a class sample on how to add lights.  I decided to finish it, and list it in the shop.  If I have a chance to teach this again, I'll make another one.  I used a tan clear nylon thread for the spider web shaped quilting.  

This is heading to the shop, too.  Just FYI, the sweet border fabric is also available there.  

Yesterday's show was my first Juried show, at Dansbury Depot in East Stroudsburg, PA.  We had a fun time, and it was really neat to see the train from Steamtown in Scranton come in.  This was the last of the Foliage tours for the year.  The passengers have time to shop and get lunch, and tour the restored Depot and the tower.  The riders all enjoyed the day.  

Thanks for visiting.  I hope you decide to join the Scrap Quilt Challenge group on Facebook, and if you follow my page there, you'll see that I share many chances for you to win prizes from other companies, too.  I think that if you enter a lot of contests, you have better chances to win something.  Just remember to read the contest rules and make sure you're commenting on the sponsor's post, not on my shared post.  Have fun, and let me know if you win something.  Oh, and I now have 330 followers on Facebook.  I'll be doing a random drawing for that milestone, and the winner will have a choice of prizes.  I'll let you know who wins and what they choose. 


Thursday, October 15, 2015

You Can Quilt Blog Hop

Are you ready for some fun?  Are you a beginner to intermediate quilter who is looking for inspiration, great information, and some fun blocks?  Are you looking for gorgeous fabrics to play with?  Then this is going to be a blast! 

Have I mentioned I LOVE being an Island Batik Ambassador?  Okay, maybe you're getting tired of me saying it, but it's true!  Marlene Oddie, a fellow IBA, recently co-wrote a book with Leila Gardunia called YOU CAN QUILT.  You can find it HERE at or if you want a signed copy, HERE at Marlene's Blog (click on the photo of the book) 

So, about the book.  I volunteered to review Chapter 4, Flying Geese.  Of course I needed to read the first few chapters, as well.  It starts out with great info on beginning quilting, from cutting to choosing fabrics, and getting an accurate size finished unit.  The next chapters build on these skills, and go from simple strip piecing to more detailed units, including foundation piecing and sewing curves.  It's a great resource with interesting blocks, and you could make a fun sampler with all the blocks.  Or just use the blocks for something smaller, like I plan for a table runner.  

In Chapter 4, Marlene and Leila detail 3 different ways to make flying geese blocks, from cutting triangles to the flippy corner style, to the "no waste" style (which is my favorite). Then these styles are featured in 3 blocks, from the standard Sawtooth Star to Breaking Out, (love the pinwheel center) and Double Star block.  

The fabrics I chose are the gorgeous lavenders and purples from the soon to be presented at Market collection called Coral Reef.  Yes, this is a preview before your shop owners get to see it.  Aren't they pretty?  I also grabbed a background called ALMOND, a sweet dotty swirl with specks of grey, pale lavender and aqua.  

Sawtooth Star

Breaking Out
Double Star (but I made it 3 fabrics plus background, just because I LOVE the colors in the batiks!

I laid them out on the fabric I picked for a border, but think I want to do a lighter sashing and inner border, then the dark outer and binding.  I may also move the Sawtooth Star to the middle, because it's simpler than the other two.  I need to think on it.  As soon as i decide and finish it, I'll share photos!  
I really enjoyed using the book.  I felt the directions were clear, well written, and the illustrations were well done.  I even used one of the foundation pieced blocks for the Teal Mini blog hop (look at my last post for details).  I know I'll pick ideas from this book again and again.  I think it's a great resource for quilters of all levels.  There are lots of hints and suggestions, too.  I'm sure you'll find something that will improve your quilting skills.

Please consider adding this to your collection, and follow along with the other bloggers to see more details about the book.  

Oct. 9 – Ch. 1. Basics - Leila Gardunia
Oct. 12 – Ch. 2. HST - Tammy Silvers
Oct 14 – Ch 3. QST - Connie Kresin Campbell
Oct. 16 – Ch 4. Flying Geese - Maryellen McAuliffe http:// (You're HERE! Thanks!)
Oct 19 -- Ch. 5. Wonky - Christine McCrann Martinez http://
Oct. 21 – Ch. 6. Improvisation - Connie Kauffman http://
Oct. 23 -- Ch. 7. Foundation Paper Piecing - Joan Kawano http://
Oct. 26 – Ch. 8. Curves - Marlene Oddie
Oct. 28 -  Ch 9. One-Patch Blocks - Bea Lee
Oct. 30 – Ch. 10. Applique - Barbara Gaddy http://
Nov. 2 – Ch. 11. Inset Seams - Pamela Boatright
Nov. 4 – Ch. 12. Challenge Blocks - Linda Stewart Pearl http://
Nov. 6 – Ch. 13. finishing – Marlene

AND Please click on the Rafflecopter link below to enter to win one of 4 books and some great fabrics.  

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks so much for visiting!  AND, if you LOVE the fabrics I used, please ask your favorite shops to get them for you.  Make sure you mention the Coral Reef collection from Island Batik.  The colors and designs are gorgeous, and the fabric base is just wonderful to work with.  Also, Aurifil had a thread collection designed to go with some of the new Island Batik collections!  Watch for that, as well.  

If you haven't followed my Facebook page yet, please do!  Marymackmademine is growing, and I share lots of other give-aways and inspiration.  There will be a FB Fan only give away soon!  Maybe even a choice of prizes.  And to keep up with me, please follow by email. Someone on that list may get a little surprise, too.  


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Teal Mini Swap Blog Hop

Did you know there was a mini or mug rug swap to raise funds for ovarian cancer?  Did you know it raised over $2000 this year, doubled the participation of last year, and included quilters from 46 states? 
I want to give a shout out to thank fellow Island Batiks Ambassador Linda Pearl at One Quilting Circle who shared the info and link on the Ambassador Facebook page.  (Stop and check out her blog post, she's giving away fabric).  A few of the Ambassadors decided to participate, and I do hope you follow Eva Page to get info about the swap for next year.  

Beth of Eva Paige Quilt Designs created this swap.   For a small donation, you receive info about your swap partner and a piece of teal fabric from Blank Quilting.  The fabric must be used, in some way, in the piece you make, and you can add any other fabrics you wish.  

In my case, my partner, Diane Austin, also loves purples, blues, and teal, and was happy with either a mini quilt or a mug rug.  I did a little Facebook sleuthing and discovered she also was a member of the Vintage Sewing Machine Group, and Quiltville's page (Bonnie Hunter).  So, since I'm an Island Batik Ambassador, I picked some of my favorite colors from my IB stash to mix with the teal I was given.  Some even came from the newest box; colors and designs that will preview at Market in a few weeks!  They won't be in stores until January.  What a tease!!

I'm also prepping for a blog hop for the You Can Quilt book.

You'll hear more about this great book from me on Friday, but I LOVED the Circle of Geese block (see the top center photo in the above button?  Isn't it cool??)  I'm fairly new to foundation piecing, so I decided to do this block with a frame of awesome Island Batik teal and purple paisley from the Meadow collection for a mini quilt.  As I was working on the piecing (on my Featherweight), I saw a few papers I had printed featuring Bonnie Hunter's Wild and Goosey blocks, and decided to use that for a mug rug size, with leftovers from the Circle block.  These became Foundation Pieced blocks #4 and 5 (if you count the 4 squares in the Circle block as 1 project).  I also crocheted a spool pin doily for a vintage machine.  I love using them on my machines.  (The doily replaces the red felt disc, protects the top of the machine and allows the thread to feed evenly, and just looks adorable.)  I used a purple and white cotton string/yarn.  

Diane and I have been in contact, and both of us had outside challenges.  I greatly appreciated her patience with me, because my project was not ready to mail by the deadline, but she should have it by now.  I had a slew of custom orders lately, and was dealing with my own cataract surgery (I should get the new contact lens today, and then I'll be seeing great in both eyes.  Without the lens, my left is 20/400, which is what I've been dealing with since September 3rd.)  And my father's stroke.  I went to NY for only 3 days and ended up staying 6 because he was released from Rehab, and once I got there, realized I had left the background fabric in PA.  Although I had the rest of the pieces to work on this, I couldn't do anything without the background!  And yes, I do travel with my machine and projects.  Luckily, Dad's doing fairly well, and is home recovering.  He should be back to full strength soon.  
Circle of Geese with teal and Island Batik fabrics.  

With the matching mug rug.

For more photos of the minis and mug rugs sent, please visit the Teal Mini Swap 2015 group page. And sign up to follow the page, so you can participate next year.  The swap coincides with September's Ovarian Cancer awareness month. 

Thanks so much for visiting!  If you're new to my blog, please sign up for emails (on the right side) and come back on Friday for a chance to win some Island Batik fabric.  And if you can, please follow my Facebook page, Mary Mack Made Mine.  I'm almost at 325, and will be giving away a prize for my followers soon!  DO sign up for the Teal Mini Swap next year! You'll be glad you did.


Sunday, October 11, 2015

Catching Up

Hi!  I've been a little busy over the last few weeks.

My dad had a mild stroke, and then complications from medication, but is now doing well, and was released from rehab the Monday after Quilters Take Manhattan, which I attended with Christine. Dad's currently exercising with home care attendants and walking with a walker.  He's hoping to be back to full recovery soon.  I ended up staying on Long Island for 6 days because of QTM and getting him settled back home.

Quilters Take Manhattan was awesome!  Ricky Tims, Edyta Sitar and Victoria Findlay Wolfe were excellent speakers.  It was inspiring, funny, and enjoyable.  The goody bags were nicely filled, and lunch was great.  It's a day of viewing trunk shows, meeting vendors and amazing quilters, and raising money for the Alliance.  We really enjoyed it.  In Mary Koval's trunk show, she explained how to date fabrics, and gave info on vintage colors and styles.  It was so interesting.  I really learned a lot from her.

I finished a dress for Katie in Island Batik fabrics.  She'll be wearing it during Quilt Market in a few weeks.  I can't wait to see her modeling it! The lining is a darker purple Island Batik, and I used it in the side pockets, as well as the lined sleeves.  It has a sweet V neckline, front and back.

I also finished 3 commissioned baby quilts, 2 for twins (a boy and girl) and the third for another family, but more gender neutral.  The customer was from one of the summer events I attended.  She came to East Stroudsburg's Fall Festival yesterday to pick them up, and loved them.

Girl Twin baby quilt
 Boy twin baby quilt
Neutral Baby Quilt!
I had so much fun making these.  She loved the batiks and Zig A Zag by Quilt In A Day design in one of my larger quilts, so asked for similar design and colors.  I played on EQ7 to adapt the pattern to baby size, about 42" square.  I dug through my batik stash, and used some of the same strips in each Twin quilt, but added more blues to the boy one, and lavender to the girl one.  They are twins with differences.  The third is similar, but with green and yellow in the setting triangles and inner border.  I used some of the scraps in doll size quilts.  

Doll and bed courtesy of Alayna and Dietrick Woodworking.

I also participated in the Teal Mini Swap to raise funds and awareness for Cervical Cancer.  More on that in another post (for the blog hop for that).

The 2nd experience with paper piecing was 2 blocks for a surprise quilt.  I'll share photos of them after the quilt is presented.  I must say I enjoyed them, as well, even if they did contain 120 or so pieces in each 12" block.  

AND, I've been working on English Paper Piecing, aka hexies.  I had won a small kit from Featherweight Quilt Co that had hexi papers and 2 1/2" charm squares, the April Showers collection from Bonnie and Camille for Moda.  I've been working on basting the hexies during shows,  Dr. appointments, and car repair appointments.  I loved the design that Jan from FQC had with hers, so I did similar, but added larger borders.  

And, finally, I've been enjoying the show from Mother Nature.  Here are some highlights.  

The colors have been gorgeous.  I love living here, driving by the lake when I go towards Scranton, and stopping to breathe and take in the view.  

Lots more to do, and 2 blog hops this week.  Thanks for visiting! I hope you are enjoying the cooler nights, and gorgeous colors of Fall.