Saturday, December 10, 2016

Finished! Update on Creative New Quilts.

Hi.  Back in March, the @IslandBatik Ambassadors were asked to participate in a blog hop celebrating Wendy Sheppard's newest book, Creative New Quilts.  

Here's my post from then.

I finally had a chance to get this quilted, so here it is!  Done, and listed in my Etsy store.  

   I love how the green stars add sparkle to the design.  

 The London Fog fabrics are gorgeous, and the backing, using Sea Salt Sandy, is just wonderful.  Wait until you feel it!  It's so silky and smooth!  

I hope to get more quilts finished soon, but my machine is being a little grumpy right now.  I must admit I broke over 12 needles quilting this.  I think the timing is off just enough to not like quilting, but it does sew other things well.  I guess it needs a spa day at Pocono Sew & Vac.  

Thanks for visiting, and have a wonderful week.