Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hazel on Sunday!

Hi. I woke up around 6 to let Hazel out, and she had lasted the whole night! She hadn't even ripped up the paper. We went to bed around 12. That is great for an 8 week old, according to the literature that I have. I was so proud. I thought my son would get up around 8:30, but we both fell back to sleep. Around 10, son got up and saw that Hazel doesn't like the wallpaper in the kitchen. I don't like it either, so I guess she has good taste, but it was a small mess. We had a family party today, and had to leave Hazel alone for a few hours. Son drove back to check on her, and she was fine after 2 hours. He went back to the party, and when we got home 2 hours later, she had again attacked the wallpaper and the newspaper. The paper was dry, though. The rest of the day was spent trying to get Hazel to play with her toys, and not to chew everything else!! I forgot about this stage. The last time I had a puppy was 14 years ago.

Anyway, she sits on command, and son taught her to go up and down a flight of stairs. I was carrying her up and down (lots of cuddles on the way, lol) but had tried to get her to do the last stair up and the one into the basement apartment I use, and was successful there. Son got her going up and down the whole flight! We felt this was an important lesson for this week. I work an 8 hour shift 2 days a week, and she won't last that long alone. My mom and dad are upstairs, though, and can let her out if Hazel can do the stairs. I don't want them carrying her, since they take stairs slowly. She only weighs a few pounds, but it is a worry for me. Mom has really been more active in learning about Hazel than she was Taylor. Mom is petting her and offered to walk her on a leash in the yard on Tuesday for me! I am so happy. I was concerned, but I think this will work. As soon as Hazel gets her final shots and can go around the block, I think my dad MIGHT just take her for his walks. He likes teaching "heel" but didn't want me to get another dog. Mom and Dad are both over 80, so this really is good of them, and for them!
I also got her a "Kong" tennis ball with a squeeker. She will chase the ball and bring it back! Fetch already! I think she is such a smart dog. I might be biased, but she has only been with us for 3 days!

So, tonight, I used her leash to limit her room in the kitchen, so she shouldn't be able to reach the wallpaper. I had just used a gate last night. She got mad at the leash and started tugging, though, and barked and growled for the first time. We hadn't heard anything from her except for some noise when she yawned! It is so cute to hear puppy bark, but I think I need to get a crate. Hazel is really teething and needs to be protected. I didn't have one for Taylor, and she did well without it. Hazel is a little more frisky, though. So, off to the pet store tomorrow. I know the cost will be worth it in the long run, but I still hate that wallpaper!
These pics were taken Sunday night. Doesn't she look bigger??? I think she grows during every nap!

Friday, April 24, 2009


Hi, All readers!! Welcome to my newest post. Thanks for looking!

I have completed the costumes for Oz, and the play will go on next weekend. I will have new pictures then, but in the meantime, I have news!!

My son usually stays at our house in PA, but is visiting New York this weekend for a number of parties. We decided to get a puppy this weekend, when he was down. Our beloved dog Taylor passed away after 14 sweet and funny years, so we wanted to get another dog. We adopted Taylor from North Shore Animal League so we went back to look for another dog. We fell in love with Hazel at first sight. Just look at her eyes!! She is part Chocolate Lab, part Mutt, and has stunning golden brown/green eyes. So, Hazel it is! She is about 8 weeks old, and seems really sweet so far. So, take a look at the pictures and say hi! If you ever want to support a great no-kill shelter, please go to They are fantastic!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Newest Costume Pictures

Hi. Thanks for stopping in at my blog! Last night my family came with me to see Deb's daughter and many others in Joseph's Coat. The students were amazing!! The leads were outstanding, the dancing fun, and the band fabulous. You would have expected similar from professionals, but this was high school. I was so surprised when the director made an announcement at the end of the intermission. She said that we all needed to applaud for a very creative and talented woman who designed and created Joseph's coat, and asked me to stand up. The cast went crazy behind the curtain, and every one else applauded. It was really surprising and nice to have people stop me after the play to say the coat was outstanding!! I felt like I was famous!! What an exciting night! Here are some pictures I took. I hope to get more, and will update if I do, but here is a taste!
This was so much fun to make. I really got to play with the colors, fabrics, and trim, and combined patterns to make the skirt of the jacket. Paul from Enrights donated the solids. There are 11 different fabrics all together!
I have to get back to my machine to finish the costumes for Oz. I will post them soon. That play is a grade school production that will be the beginning of May.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hi. Welcome to my first Blog! As some of you know, I travel between Long Island, NY and my house in PA for work. I stay with my parents when I work, but love being home (PA) most weekends. I have a great sewing studio here, but bring my sewing machine and serger back and forth as needed. These last few weekens have been filled with the same, but this one also brings more.

My friend, Deb, and her daughter got me involved with school plays 3 years ago, and I love it. I have been making dresses for Lor for years, so when asked to do costumes for Mary Poppins, I was thrilled. I have since been involved with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and now Wizard of Oz, and Joseph's Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. I have had fun designing and creating costumes, and love the reactions I get from the young (grades 1 to 8) or high school aged actors. I have seen some children really transform themselves into the character, and really added to their fun during the performance. I hope that the costume helps, but must also say the director is incredible with them! They sing, dance and act their little hearts out, and the audience loves it.
So, this weekend, my parents and one of my brothers and his wife are going with me to see Joseph's Coat. I only made the coat for this, but the rest of the costumes, scenery, music, singing, and acting is great. I got to see the students develop their characters at rehearsals each week. I am really looking forward to the show. I will post pics when I get them. Next month is Oz!

In the meantime, Cast and Crew, break a leg, but don't rip a seam! Lol.
These are some of my costumes from Chitty last year.