Friday, September 28, 2012

September's Challenges

Hi.  I can't believe it's the end of the month already.  Where did September go??

I did have some fun this month.  I worked on the purple braid quilt, and just need to (still) finish the binding.  I went apple picking with my sisters-in-law and nephew, and got some sewing time with him.  We also went to the Cradle of Aviation museum on Long Island, and I spent a foggy day at a craft fair, but didn't have any sales.  I enjoyed a day with Christine at Quilters Take Manhattan, and I also enjoyed a day at Woodloch Resort with my parents.  They go with the Telephone Pioneers group every year, and had come up to my house a few days before the bus, so I drove them from here to the resort.  If you have a meal, you get to enjoy all the activities available that day, so we went for a boat ride around the lake, listened to big band music (with a quiz, but I googled the answers on my phone.  The music is before my time!lol).   And I sewed. 

Victoria from Bumble Beans, Inc put out a call for blocks for a quilt for Susan, who was just diagnosed with cancer.  That's in the mail.  Also, the challenge for the Quilt In A Day Treasure Chest block of the month was completed, and I just did the challenge for SewCal Gal's Free Motion quilting challenge. 

I'm glad accuracy is NOT part of the FMQ challenge, lol.  I want to make the stencil larger, and try it again.  This was GOOD practice for me for backtracking, and for the shape for feathers.  I must admit I did it quickly, and I think I left my Machingers gloves in NY, which is the last place I used them.  I ended up grabbing the Gypsy Gripper to help with this.  It was a valuable practice, though.  I know I am improving all the time.  And Paula's idea for getting the quilt into the machine was good, too.  It helped when I was doing the purple quilt. 

So, here are some pictures. 

Unbleached Muslin, Warm & Natural Batting, and grey Aurifil 50wt.  I sewed until the bobbin ran out.  lol
The block for Susan's quilt.  I hope it brings her healing and peace.
Rose Dream for the QIAD Treasure Chest quilt on Facebook.
Sunset over Lake Wallenpaupack, after spending the day at Woodloch Pines resort.
I wonder what October will bring??

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Qulters Take Manhattan

NYC! Denyse Schmidt! FUN!

What a BEAUTIFUL day to go to Manhattan!! 

Christine and I had fun!  I won a ticket to Quilters Take Manhattan from Victoria Findley Wolf, and Christine and I went with her husband and son into Manhattan.  The guys had their own fun, and we went to City Quilter for a bit (got some FQs, lol) and then went to FIT to watch the interview with Denyse Schmidt for Quilters Save Our Stories, and a talk by Jennifer Chiaverini, one of my favorite authors.  There were many door prizes, but we didn't win any.  There was also a silent auction, and Christine did win some beautiful fatquarters. 

The gift bags included a beautiful charm pack of solids by Robert Kaufman, and a collection of fat 1/8s, as well as a small spool of Aurifil 12 wt thread, and some other little goodies. 

I enjoy going to the city, especially when it's as beautiful, weather wise, as it was today.  I was teased for taking pictures, though, because I looked like a tourist, lol.  But I really enjoyed having such an expert on trains and subways with me today.  I have been to NYC a number of times, but the subway system can be a little intimidating to someone who is unfamiliar.  I could enjoy the walk and the sights today without fear of getting lost, so it made it even better.  (Thanks, George!!) 
So, here are some pictures.

Look at that beautiful sky!!  Perfect day for walking.
The subway station on 53rd and Lex
Some of the quilts for the auction tonight. 
Jennifer Chiaverini


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

An Almost Finish!!

Yes, almost finished. 

I started this purple Braid in A Day quilt a few weeks ago, when I was visiting Long Island for my dad's birtday.  I made the top, brought it back to PA, got it layered and started quilting.  I came back to NY thinking I would be able to finish and get it listed in my Etsy shop, but discovered I forgot to pack the dark purple fabric for the binding. 

So, I figured I would list it anyway, and show some more pictures here.  I'll finish it next week when I go back.  Why such a long stay??  Well, Arlene, Julia, my nephew John and I went apple picking at The Milk-Pail farm, and I had Laura come and do my hair today (YEAH for a great cut/color!!) and Saturday is Quilters Take Manhattan, and I WON a ticket (YEAH for another win) and Tuesday is John's Kiwanis Pasta Dinner at Pompei, and I don't want to miss that.  I plan to sew with John Jobin, too, and hopefully with Christine.  It's a working FUN visit. 

Anyway, here's the braid.  It's all quilted.  I used Aurifil 50wt thread for piecing and for the dark purple feathered section, and a 40wt variagated (Aurifil, of course!!) for the braid and outer border quilting.  When I get home, I'll do the binding in the dark purple fabric.  I played with the quilting, and think it came out great.  I wanted each part to have a different design.  I do want to plug Sew Cal Gal's Free Motion Quilting Challenge, and Angela Walters.  I am getting better with my feathers, and the other designs were just fun to play with! 

Oh, that little bit of dark purple floral on the right is the backing.  It's a Timeless Treasures 200 thread count cotton wide backing, and lovely to work with and quilt.  It's really pretty.  That's the correct color, but there's a picture below that shows more of the print.

This is an inside shot, to hopefully show off some of the quilting.  The colors are truer on the pictues taken outside. 
Detail of the backing, but look above for truer color. 
I have to re-hem a dress for my mom for my cousin's daughter's wedding this weekend, and I'm working on finishing an Autumn theme wall hanging I started maybe 2 years ago.  I found border fabric last year, but the season changed before it was completed.  Now's the time!!