Monday, May 30, 2011

Did I tell you???

I love quilts. Well, duh, you say. Look at her banner picture! And her Facebook albums! Did I tell you I also love Quilt in a Day books by Eleanor Burns? I think her instructions and practical time saving ideas are wonderful, and just up my alley. I love things to be fast, fun, and easy. Well, maybe that didn't come out right, but you understand my meaning, right?? I meant projects. The quilt in my banner was a QIAD Lover's Knot that is now on my bed. Although, to be honest, I let it sit as blocks for about 5 years before I recounted and decided to finish it, realizing I hadn't made a mistake and had the right number of blocks. It was one of my earlier quilts, and I know all the mistakes.

This was another UFO quilt. It was together and partially quilted, and I pulled it off the shelf when I was organizing my fabric a few weeks ago, and decided to finish it. Yes, I know these are called Quilt in A Day, and mine become Quilt over a Few Years, but they are pretty, and were fun. This one's challenge was in the quilting. I was working on the butterfly appliques, which is where the frustration started. I don't think I had the lucite table to make the machine bed larger, and I was looking for butterfly stencils for the other blocks. The quilt was large and difficult to stitch around the butterflies. Excuses, but... sometimes when one is frustrated, it is best to look at a project later. This was one of those. I am a much better quilter than when I started this. I love stippling, and have played with other designs. I am better at using free motion quilting on stencil designs. This quilt said "Finish me now" because my confidence has grown. So, here are some pictures. It measures 72 by 115 inches. And it is listed in my Etsy shop.




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