Sunday, January 22, 2012

Another UFO done!!

Yippee! I love this quilt, and it's done.  Last March, 2011, I started this Tossed 9 Patch quilt on National Quilt Day.  I love Moda fabric, and had more than enough Prairie Paisley charms and yardage to make a large lap quilt for my living room, so it was started.  I had the top finished for a while, and spent a few weeks looking for some red fabric for the border, but the group had been discontinued, and none of the shops I checked had any, or any good red to match.  I teach classes at Enright's, and they had a good deep red that was close, but not Moda.  It was the best I could do, though, and felt the quilt needed a bright border.  So, I added that, then the square border, and finally the outer border.  I also got a great indigo blue print for the back at Enright's, and love not having to piece the backs.  It was layered and pinned there, as well, on the great table Paul made.  I quilted the center part, chose the chain stencil for the red border, and Xed the squares for the next border.  The quilt sat for a few months while I contemplated a great look for the outer border.  I borrowed a stencil from Bernie, Paul's wife, and then was stuck again, as it didn't "mesh" in the length of the sides.  I set it aside again, until I figured out how to adjust the design to work for my quilt. 

The batting is Warm & Natural cotton, and the quilting thread is Superior King Tut. 

I finally finished the binding and label today, so here it is!  I love it.  The border stencil is really cool, and the quilt is a great accent for my slate blue couch.  I measures about 65 by 77 inches, so it's a great size for snuggling with a book or watching a movie.  Now, if I only had someone besides Hazel to snuggle! 

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