Sunday, August 12, 2012

What should I do??

Here's the latest on the Tossed 9 patch made with A Breath of Avignon by Moda. 

The main part is done.  Now to add the borders.  I have 1 yard of the jacobean style print, and 2 3/4 yds of the blue floral.  I want to add 3 borders, since I don't think the two blues should be next to each other.  I'm looking for a red (solid, pindot or marble/textured) or the yellow. 
I think I prefer the red, but this piece I have isn't the right shade.  The red in the collection is called Rouge, and it's a little more pink than the red solid I have.  They won't be next to each other, but...not sure I want to mix it in.  The red I have isn't Moda.  I'm not usually a snob when it comes to mixing brands, but I really want a better match.

Here's another choice. 

The cream is the same as the little squares.  Too blah??

The two squares are left from the charm pack.  They both have a little Fleur-de-lis on them.  I wish I could find the red with cream, would settle for the cream with red (sample square) and you can see the difference in the yellow square and the yellow solid.  The yellow solid won't work, since it's a poly/cotton blend.  I looked online and found a cream and yellow print (like that cream/blue above the stripe block, next to the 1st border).  I haven't found the reds. 

So what do you think? The first border will be about 5", and the last will be larger.  I do need some of that for binding.  Help me pick Border # 2 and maybe find the fabric??  One of the reds??  I'll only need about 1 yard, and the border will be maybe 3 inches. 



SewCalGal said...

They all look good to me.


QuiltinWayne said...

Oh MaryEllen I like a solid yellow in a narrow border with this... It will make it PoP.

soccermomsews said...

Hope you can find the red! Of course the impossible to find fabric is what I like. Typical.

Pam Quiltaholic Biswas said...

I vote for the yellow between the blues. If you could find a yellow with a tiny red flecks similar to the white flecks, I think that would be cool.

Does your quilt top need to be larger? If not, consider going modern/without a border.

If you go with the yellow in the border, I think the binding would look good with all the fabrics in the quilt top, pieced on the 45/angle.