Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Special Order

I had a conversation "at" my Etsy store recently.  The customer asked if I had a quilted table topper in different colors.  We discussed fabrics and colors, and I made this.  It's fun knowing I can make something that someone would love to have in their house.  I also love using my Accuquilt GO! cutter, and choosing fabrics from my collection. 

As I picked the fabrics and considered the placement, I decided to go with a planned design, rather than random, like the one the customer had seen.  I placed 3 rows of tumbler pieces on my design wall, and stepped back.  I moved two of the colors to get a better placement, and really liked it. 

Before I knew it, after chain piecing the shapes together, I had 3 rows done!  It was really fast.  After I got the rows together, I layered it with a pretty cream floral backing fabric, and Warm & Natural batting, and decided to quilt it with a medium brown thread in a Leaves and Loop design, similar to the one the custmer had seen.  It's bound and ready for its new home! 

I wish I could have gotten a better picture, but it's a little dreary today.  The colors are really pretty, very chocolaty!!  That spark of blue in the floral really adds some punch! 

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Christine said...

Did the customer pick out the fabrics? You do beautiful work.