Monday, May 20, 2013

Catching Up

I can't believe I haven't written in almost a month!  I've been fairly busy. 

First, I was asked to do alterations, then asked to make costumes for Lehigh Valley Charter School for the Arts, in Bethlehem.  The alterations were rolled hems on dresses with circle skirts, and the costumes were 12 red satin, lined, bolero jackets with black trim.  Luckily, many of the girls were similar sizes, so I could cut multiples of the pieces to save time.  2 prototypes were made before the actual design was figured, so the rest were easy to make.  These were all for the performance in Quilt, their dance recital, which was May 17 and 18.  I went to the 2:00 performance.  All the dancers were wonderful!

Here's a shot of a few finished, ready to be delivered. 

I must admit that I got tired of seeing red!  I did use one of my quilting skills, chain piecing, to get these done a little faster.  The design is shorter than the pattern, and the sleeve is from another jacket pattern.  Creating the pattern to fit the teacher's idea isn't that difficult, but making sure it works for 6 different sizes was a small challenge.  After making 8, I was tired!  I had to keep going, though, and avoid procrastinating.  At one point, Hazel, my chocolate lab, decided to lay down in the doorway so I couldn't leave my sewing machine without disturbing her sleep.  It was funny!  She only sleeps on the tile floor when it's really warm, so I was surprised.  I guess she wanted the jackets to get done!!

This picture is from the final bow of the performance.  Since no pictures were supposed to be taken, I could not use my flash.  This one is the best of the few I snapped. 
The next finished project was a special order for my best customer in England.  She purchased Mary's Contrary Garden, and asked for a smaller version for a different chair.  This time she asked for a 21" square for the back of the chaise lounge.  Since I had a section of the second quilt done, I only needed to add borders and quilt it.  I took another square, and made it a pillow cover, to thank her for her support.  These were shipped off last week. 

I also did a quick 4 store one day Shop Hop with a friend.  I had lots of fun, got great inspiration, and some great deals!  It was a beautiful day, and I enjoyed seeing Wooden Bridge Dry Goods, in Kutztown, right on a Menonite farm, in the Spring.  Usually we go there for the November hop. 

Sometimes, after sewing things for my store, or custom orders, I need to make something for me, for fun.  Otherwise, I feel I get burned out.  I've been wanting a new lunch tote.  It needed to have a "wipe clean" interior, a zipper closure, and be insulated to keep my food cold.  I've had the Desk Deli pattern by Quilts Illustrated for a while, but it doesn't have a zipper closure.  I also wanted it a little taller.  I often pack something baked to share, and wanted something that would hold my lunch and a little more.  I changed the pattern size, added a section across the top with a zipper, and made my own laminated fabric for the inside.  There's a great product that you just iron on.  I only recommend that you don't drop the sticky part of the vinyl on the dog hair covered floor before you place it on your fabric, lol.  (Yes, there are a few hairs between the laminate and fabric inside my bag.) 

I also made a sling for a friend's little daughter.  She fell off her bike, and the sling from the hospital was too large.  I used a large white dot on red, like Minnie Mouse's skirt, and she was so excited! 
This is quilted, and has a padded cover over the strap. 
The project I'm working on now is pink and brown.  It's a quilt for my soon-to-be born great neice.  I'm just glad the fabric I picked isn't red!! 
Thanks for visiting! 


thebutterflyquilter said...

Your jackets look wonderful up there on the stage!!
Love your scenic photos also and cute purse!

DownHome Designs said...

M.E. I can certainly commiserate with you on being tired of seeing red, even though red is my favorite color. I am still finding red glitter from some color guard show uniforms I made several years ago. That stuff got in every crack and crevice.
You have been busy! Everything looks wonderful. Your jackets turned out great and I really love the cute!

Donna Kuykendall said...

Mary Mack, I loved the pictures of the boleros. You certainly did a lot of work. Love the comment about your dog. I can't go to the computer without my doxie picking up his chew bone and following me just to nap at my feet. I need to train him to bark after 30 minutes so I will get off the computer!

JuneBugQuilts said...

I should have entered JuneBugQuilts. Still learning.