Monday, December 9, 2013

Celtic Solstice part 2

In the middle of working on the Celtic Solstice mystery quilt, I got 2 special orders.  One is rare enough, but 2? Surprise!!

One is for a Pirate Shirt, going to Canada, and the other is for a Greek Flag quilt, going to Wisconsin.  I need to get both done before I can cut out the pieces for part 2, all 400 squares and 200 rectangles, but I did take a few moments to print out the directions, press the fabrics, and found the GO! cutter 2" square multiples die, to hopefully make cutting the squares faster.  I'll sneak in some cutting soon, or if the power goes out again.  We're in the middle of a few ice/snow storms.  We did lose power for about 10 minutes today, which is why I decided, when the power came back, to iron the fabrics.

I did finish sewing all of Part 1.  I'm happy about that!

A preview of the shirt.

Watch for the shirt and flag in a post soon.  Here's the link to the rest of the Celtic Solstice participants.

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