Saturday, February 22, 2014

Cabin Fever

I live in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.  We've had lots of snow this year, and a few ice storms.  February alone brought more than 3 feet of snow in different storms.  And, at the end of January, I had a cornea transplant, so lifting and bending from the waist are restricted until further notice, probably another 3 weeks.  I should not be shoveling snow!  But, I've had to do some.  I just do it in layers.  A friend promised to plow my driveway, but his truck broke down.  The storm that left almost 2 feet ended by Saturday, and I was stuck, not even able to get to the street, until Tuesday evening.  Talk about cabin fever!  Knowing I couldn't get out was very frustrating.  Knowing it was someone else's fault was even worse.   I can't even open the front door because of snow and icicles.  I had to let Hazel out through the garage, which is under the deck, covered in snow by the front door Since I work from home, I'm usually fine staying in for days. I love my home, and enjoy working here.

So, how do I cure cabin fever?  I spent some time on Facebook, and texting/calling friends.  I started a new quilt (when I should have been finishing others).  I took pictures.  I played catch with Hazel, and baked cookies.  And I got a little frustrated.  But he came, and I can get out.  And it snowed again, and we'll have more snow this week.  Lots has melted already, so I can deal with a little more.  Sections of the driveway are clear, and most of the icicles are gone at the door, but the snow is still fairly deep, and I can't open the door yet.  Anyone want to shovel that off for me?

My views:
This was Valentine's Day, the Snow Moon, reflecting through the icicles at my door.

This was Saturday, February 15.  Eventually the large icicle on the left would meet the snow.  I'm making sure the water has a path away from the door, though.  I don't need it coming in. 

That's the table on my deck.  The snow was almost as high as the table. 

This is the left side of my car, going towards the street.  Yes, deep enough to almost hide a full size recycling trash can.  My car is a  Dodge Magnum, about the same size as a sedan.  

Thank goodness for friends and my creativity, and DVD player.  I was starting to feel so isolated, but phone calls saved me.  You can see more recent posts to see the creativity part of coping.  

I'm linking up with Lilypadquilting's Cabin Fever Party.  Go see who else has cabin fever, and what they did.
I think I'll go for a drive today.


Snoodles said...

Oh my goodness! So much snow! I can certainly understand that you have cabin fever!
Thanks for partying along with us!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Your photos look like most of my views, too. We had a bit of a warm up, but yesterday was a white-out so whatever melted is back.

Astrid said...

I can understand you... so much snow. I haven't forgotten where I come from and the snowy winters... :) Before you know spring is your side and you are able to enjoy warm, sunny days again! :) Have a great day!

Michele said...

That is a familiar scene here too. Spring please come now.

Lynn - JnL4God said...

That is a lot of snow. Have a friend in Minn that is going through that now.