Friday, April 10, 2015

For My Mom

A while ago, Mom asked me to make something for her dresser.  I'd done simple toppers for the coffee table and the buffet, just using home decor fabric and the rolled hem feature on my serger.  We picked up fabric place mats for the side tables in the living room, and her nightstands, but she had plastic (gasp! ruin the wood) lace on the dressers.

I knew I wanted to make something in the lavender/purple shade to compliment her walls, and floral to go with her bedspread (yes, she insists on that.  I won't make her a bed quilt, because she won't use it.)  So, I was always on the look-out for some pretty purple floral fabric.  I found some at JoAnn's around Christmas.  I went through my stash for coordinates, and then to EQ7 for blocks and to design something that would fit, and accent the floral.

I decided on the Contrary Wife block.  Mom probably wouldn't get the joke, but I thought it was funny.  It's a great block to feature pretty prints, and accent colors.  I picked a deeper purple and a pinky orchid, and white tone on tone for the background squares.  I played with sizes and borders until I had the size I needed, about 18 by 70", using 5 12" squares and 3 1/2" borders.  I pieced the top on my vintage 15-91, and finished it on the Viking, over Easter weekend in NY.  Mom was excited, and almost didn't want to wait for me to take these pictures!  It was fun to see her happy with a quilt, that I knew she would use.

So, here's Mom's Contrary Dresser Runner.

 I quilted it with Aurifil 50wt variegated in 3840, a soft lavender purple mix.  It was the perfect thread to use on the whole top.  I did feather wreaths in the blocks, and feathers in the borders.  I used it in the bobbin, too.  It works so well, and adds just the perfect touch. 
 Doesn't it look great with the walls?  
 Mom does sew but doesn't quilt.  I'm just glad she'll use this.  I gave her a quilt that she loved, also purple, but she put it away.  I want the things I make to be used.  
The only thing I wished I could have done before putting it on the dresser was to use Howard's RestorAFinish on the dresser, and a coating of the Feed and Wax.  Her dresser is damaged from spills and years of plastic.  I thought I had left the right color of Howard's with Dad, but he couldn't recall, and I didn't take the time to look.  I do have to make something for Dad's dresser, now, and I'll look for the Howard's next time I'm down.  I bought a lighter shade to use on the wood I have here.  If you have minor issues with wood furniture, and want them to look better, I really recommend Howard's.

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Check back in a few days for more stuff!  Including the Little Gems Blog Hop, and maybe some photos of my day at the Philadelphia Zoo.  That was fun!  See you soon!



Farm Quilter said...

Your runner looks perfect on her dresser!!! I am always upset when I give someone a quilt and they don't use it!! I love to see a quilt I made on a bed or couch, soft from use and washings!

Mary Ellen said...

That is a sweet runner,. no matter the name of the block.Why is there no Contrary Husband? I just finished a colorful quilt for my bed ,now i need runners for the dressers ,and night tables.

Marly said...

Lovely fabric choice for the runner, and beautiful quilting - lovely feathers.