Thursday, May 14, 2015

Island Batik at Quilt Market

If you've been following any quilting related social media, you know that International Quilt Market is this weekend in Minneapolis, Minnesota.   Since I'm not going, yet (it's on my bucket list), I figured I would share some of the gorgeous new fabrics your favorite quilt shop owners will be seeing.

Why do I have these?  Because I'm one of the Island Batik Ambassadors, and I get samples to share.

So, get your eyes ready to feast on these stunning fabrics.

This group is called Grapevine.  It features teals, purples, golds and yellows.  The colors are rich and vibrant, and the fabrics are just wonderful.  I love the crispness and the feel of the greige goods, and they take the dyes so well.   I can't wait to play with these!  So far, I've only been looking at them, and trying to decide how they want to be put into a project.

This year, the prints include the paisley/traditional style, and the small pine tree print, among others.  I wish you could see these in person, and touch them.  You'll see why I love Island Batik fabrics.

The paisley and sunflowers will be in other colors, too, as will the animal print.  

This one is my favorite.  When I opened the box and pulled this out, I just said "OOOHhh".  It was stunning, and caught my attention right away.  The colors are just so vibrant, and that paisley speaks to my "traditional" print heart.  This is one I would buy yards of, and savor for a while before deciding what to make.  

The second collection I got is called Buttermilk.  

The colors in this are really yummy!  I'm sure that led to the name.  
 Cream and peach with swirls of dots, and a gorgeous floral with a touch of lavender. aqua, and yellow, as well as the peach and cream.

 That gorgeous paisley again!  
The pine trees, this time in pale green on cream. 
 Paisley again!  
These two were my favorite in this collection.  

So, any thoughts on what you would make?  Do you plan to ask your favorite quilt shops to carry Island Batik?  Which of these would you buy?  Let me know!  I love your replies.  
Thanks for visiting!  Enjoy the rest of the Quilt Market posts!  Hopefully, they will get your ideas flowing, and you'll end up with some gorgeous quilts and purses.  

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Anonymous said...

I want them all!

Farm Quilter said...

Gorgeous!!! I just got a pattern for paper pieced calla lilies that I would use these gorgeous fabrics in!!

Anonymous said...

Lucky you! I like the pine trees and the paisleys and the ones with swirly dots the best. I'll be looking for them during our June shop hop and hope that some of them are in at least!