Saturday, August 1, 2015


Hi!  Thanks for all the great comments on My Favorite Things Blog hop!  I did a number thing, and the comment chosen is #40, Allison CB.

I've contacted her, and she'll be getting 3 Island Batik FQs.

Let me tell you, it's so hard to part with these gorgeous fabrics.  I really do love them all.  

Emily asked about the star blocks on the design wall.  They are Hunter's Star, and I used the die from my Accuquilt GO!.  It was a breeze to cut out, and piece the blocks on the vintage machine.  As soon as the blocks are all pressed, it'll become a top.  Many of the batiks are from Island.

Allison, congratulations again, and thanks for commenting.  I'll get your pretties out this week.

And remember to stop back for the Island Batik Ambassador blog hop starting soon!

I've shared this on Facebook, but wanted to thank Chris again.  He purchased some vintage embroideries from me in my Etsy shop a while ago, and we've been chatting about vintage textiles and sewing machines since.  He asked me to make the embroidered pieces you see in this photo into the dress they were supposed to become 100 years ago.  He finished the embroidery.  It's stamped from the Royal Society, and it's Craftsmen style, or Art Deco style.  Among our conversations about him searching for machines, I mentioned I wanted a black long bed Singer 301.  It's larger than a featherweight, but a slant needle, so you can see more of the work area.  Jokingly, I had mentioned one time that people in the Vintage Sewing Machine group on Facebook talk about buying an accessory as bait.  Once you have the accessory for your dream machine, the machine usually follows.  Included in the box with the dress I'm to create was a few yards of vintage beaded Cluny lace, a vintage appliqued tablecloth, and a box containing a zig-zagger for a 301.  He sent me bait, just because I've given him info on machines.  But he's given me info on textiles and refinishing furniture, as well.  I joked about something, and he found it, and gave it to me.  I'm just so touched!

I plan to make the table cloth into a quilt.  And if you know of any sources for Royal Society dresses (I've found lots about crochet), please let me know.  I'll share more about the linens in another post.

Lots going on here!  Thanks for stopping!


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