Sunday, October 25, 2015

Some Prizes and Finishes.

Hi!  This has been a fun week.  More of the You Can Quilt blogs have been shared, it's Quilt Market time in Houston, Tx (despite Hurricane Patricia's rain), and I got a new contact lens that fits well, and gives me 20/20 vision in my left eye, which is amazing.  If you've been following my blog for a bit, you may have heard that I have Keratoconus, a degenerative corneal disease.  I had a cornea transplant in 2014, and recently had cataract surgery and an implant, all in the left eye.  Without the lens my vision is 20/400.  This Scleral lens, combined with the implant and cornea transplant are medical miracles for me.  It's been fun to actually see the signs in the aisle of the grocery store, and see the people walking, too.  

So, the prizes.  
Shannon from FabricsNQuilts sponsors the Scrap Quilt Challenge, and since I've been a friend for many years, and love a challenge, I've been entering the challenge for 5 years, too.  She does a random drawing for the prizes, so it's not a popularity contest, but the more scrappy quilts you finish, the more chances you have to win.  Kim from Persimmon Dreams is going to host the challenge next year.  Keep an eye out for info.  I won a book called Small Pieces, Spectacular Quilts.  

I really liked this design, but I adore blue quilts.

Another prize was the seam ripper from Havel's.  They had a question on the Facebook page, and my response was randomly chosen to get a seam ripper. 
I guess I'll have to make a mistake so I can try it out, lol. 

I also finished 2 smaller quilts.  The first is another Autumn Leaves by Quilt In A Day.  I made some a few years ago, and 2 of them have Fibre Optic lights around the center square.  When a customer at a show saw it, she wanted the leaves, in a shorter runner, and "no lights".  

Since the pattern makes 4 leaves, I decided to do hers, and another for the shop, without lights.  This one has the rust leaf print for binding, and I like it.  I used a stencil to quilt the center block but put feathers in the rest of the cream areas   I quilted the leaves to look like they had veins, in Aurifil 50wt Mako colors 2355 for the brown, 1103 for the rust/red middle section, and 2324 in the golden tan area.  The rest of the quilting was 2000, a sweet cream.  I love how the Aurifil thread colors work to accent and blend into the leaves.  Here's the quilting from the back (yes, I use matching bobbins to avoid the bobbin thread showing on the top.  I just free-motion veins!  It's fun.  Aurifil makes it so easy to get good results.  

The other finish is Pumpkin Grins, also a Quilt In a Day pattern.

I added LED lights and changed the face features.  I had actually made this a few years ago, and it was a class sample on how to add lights.  I decided to finish it, and list it in the shop.  If I have a chance to teach this again, I'll make another one.  I used a tan clear nylon thread for the spider web shaped quilting.  

This is heading to the shop, too.  Just FYI, the sweet border fabric is also available there.  

Yesterday's show was my first Juried show, at Dansbury Depot in East Stroudsburg, PA.  We had a fun time, and it was really neat to see the train from Steamtown in Scranton come in.  This was the last of the Foliage tours for the year.  The passengers have time to shop and get lunch, and tour the restored Depot and the tower.  The riders all enjoyed the day.  

Thanks for visiting.  I hope you decide to join the Scrap Quilt Challenge group on Facebook, and if you follow my page there, you'll see that I share many chances for you to win prizes from other companies, too.  I think that if you enter a lot of contests, you have better chances to win something.  Just remember to read the contest rules and make sure you're commenting on the sponsor's post, not on my shared post.  Have fun, and let me know if you win something.  Oh, and I now have 330 followers on Facebook.  I'll be doing a random drawing for that milestone, and the winner will have a choice of prizes.  I'll let you know who wins and what they choose. 



Anna brown said...

yess i have won a few things.It brightons my day....Hope you are enjoying your

rrjane011749 said...

Love the Autumn Leaves table runner!