Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Folk Art Quilted Traditions Blog Hop

Hi! Thanks for stopping in for my day on Suzy Webster's Book Launch Blog Hop!

I LOVE being asked to help an author launch a book.  It's fun, and I get the challenge of creating something new.  Have you ever done layered applique?  I hadn't.  It wasn't even on my "bucket list" of quilting things to do.  I've done applique, except for needle turn.  I was satisfied.  Until I saw this book.  The 12 Hungarian inspired applique blocks are so pretty!  Suzy asked the Island Batik ambassadors to pick one block, (or more, if you were adventurous) and use it to make a project from the book, or something else.  

I decided to do a table runner.  I figured I would have time to finish it.  LOL.  Not exactly.  Almost.  

I read through Suzy's great directions, and picked Block 12.  I really liked the way the flowers looked.  And since it was my first time, I didn't want to go too crazy with the layers.  This one had 5.  I went through the box of Island Batik fabrics I had, and picked some from Red Tide, as well as some random squares and scraps for the colors, and a background, Parchment, for the Jeweled runner from the book.  Although I could have created more applique blocks, or created my own setting blocks for the block I made, I really did like the look of Suzy's design, and wanted to use it.  

And then I got some special orders, had a craft show, went on vacation (although I did prep the Light Steam a Seam 2 while away, doing the tracing, and some of the fabric pre-cutting).  
We got home from the trip, and I've been working on the stitching for the applique.  And working on another project, and working on getting things organized, and repaired.  

Did I mention living with my mom, and taking care of her, is a full-time job?  Did I mention my brother is moving, and when he comes back to visit, wants to stay in the other upstairs room, across from my sewing studio?  Did I mention we needed to replace the tile floor in the upstairs bathroom, because it was broken and leaked, plus paint and refinish the floor in  the other room?  And we're also fixing up my childhood bedroom?  And I needed emergency dental surgery to pull a broken tooth that was so painful?  Yes, and more.  Although we had tried to schedule the tile 2 weeks ago, something came up with the installer.  It was rescheduled for today (Wednesday).  Yup, the day I needed my machine and studio the most, I had no electricity for a few hours, because they were installing a new mirror and light, plus ripping out the bathroom floor, and painting the hallway and doors upstairs (the one to my studio, etc).  

So, before they turned off the electricity to the 2nd floor, I was able to press the pieced units for the side blocks.  But I couldn't sew, because the bathroom vanity (which was removed so they could rip up the tile and fix the holes) was IN FRONT of my sewing desk!!  YIKES!!

I pressed, and trimmed the sections, and went back down to my vintage machine to sew the sections together.  The worker said he would move the vanity.  He did, but couldn't put the electric back on.  Back up 2 flights to trim the blocks and back down to sew them together, set up the iron and board in the basement, press everything, and go outside to take some photos.  
So, here's my version of Suzy's Block 12 and Jeweled Runner. 

Yup, just for fun, to show you what's on my lawn today.  The toilet is a kid's height one, and we're replacing it with an adult (chair height) one.  

After I took the photos, I waited until the power was back on, layered the runner with Warm & White batting, and a white backing, and got a little bit of quilting done.  I tried to quilt more after dinner, and broke 3 needles.  I give up for tonight!  lol

We'll see.  On days like today, I wish I had a Fitbit.  I would love to know how many flights I did.  I'm also glad I can work around the issues when things get wacky!

So, it's not finished, but I hope to have it done soon.  

I do recommend Suzy's book!  I hope you consider adding it to your library and trying one of the projects.  I LOVE the Indigo Star quilt.  I would love to make that one one day.  
Indigo Star, designed by Suzy Webster, pieced, appliqued, and quilted by Kathy Shier

Which block or blocks do you think you'll try?  Remember to check out the other bloggers, and to enter to win a copy of the book and some Island Batik Fat Quarters.  

Yes, my day is that wacky, that the photo loaded upside-down! lol

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Vicki in MN said...

Wow, I love your colors!!!

QuiltShopGal said...

Beautiful design and fabrics. I absolutely love your table runner and the Indigo Star Quilts that you shared. Total #CreativeGoodness. Although, I must confess I'm struggling with the kid's toilet. Have you seen the toilet accessory designs by Barb of Bejeweled Quilts? Your toilet screams for a beautiful handmade item.


Websterquilt said...

It's fabulous and quite a story! It's about time to get a grown up toilet I guess LOL :)

Unknown said...

Love your version of this table runner! Beautiful.

Jodi - usairdoll said...

Loved your post! and it sounds like you're still smiling. Your tablerunner is beautiful and you chose a great block to make. Thanks for sharing with us and happy that you were able to push forward with all your challenges. Now you can take a deep breath, hehe.


Nancy L said...

Your table runner is gorgeous and I love the Indigo Star quilt. Thanks for sharing!!

Lynne Stucke said...

I really love the colorway you chose for this project! Makes me want to make one for my kids for Christmas. Thank you (

Backwoods Quilter said...

Loved reading about how you kept quilting despite everything. Quilter's should organize the world-nothing stops us.
Your table runner is beautiful and to think you did it on a vintage!! and in the middle of a construction site. Wow.

mumbird3 said...

Love the Indigo Star quilt - wow that is gorgeous! I have always had a soft spot for blue quilts!!! mumbird3(at)gmail(dot)com

Sara said...

Gorgeous table runner. I really liked your color choices!

JANET said...

Love the full quilt, but don't need to re-arrange my bucket list right now! lol

barbara woods said...

love your blocks

Kathy E. said...

Your double applique table runner is lovely, but it does not get its proper justice laying next to that toilet! I haven't used folk art before in my sewing, but I am sure interested after seeing your photos (aside from the toilet one). Great style!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your can-do attitude, your table runner is great and the contrast of the center with your "border" is great! Kathy in Colo repzjratplainsdotnet

Anonymous said...

Beautiful colors in your runner!
bjkaup at abbnebraska dot com

Nancy said...

I really like this pattern. You got quite far on this, but some days are just like that. I like the blue quilt, too.

GranChris said...

I have to see the whole book to choose which blocks to try. Your runner is beautiful.

Unknown said...

Wow, what beautiful blocks.

Quilting Babcia said...

Oh my goodness! What a time you've had getting this project together, but it is absolutely lovely!

Allison said...

Beautiful fabrics, gorgeous colors!

adele said...

Maryellen, Beautiful! The colors are really nice. Love them. I'd love to make that Indigo Star Quilt too...maybe someday!

Calicojoan said...

Too cool. I do love this book!

beaquilter said...

Great runner and fun how you took the picture next to the toilet!! ha ha
that blue quilt was my favorite too!!

Anonymous said...

The projects from this book resemble tile patterns. While most of the bloggers have opted to make the same table runner, they all look different due to the various color combinations.

Lori Smanski said...

your quilt is lovely. love the shoot with the toilet. we are replacing ours also with a chair height.

Rosa said...

Fabulous block.Love your combo!

Lace Faerie said...

Love the red and purple together! Sounds like you now the meaning behind, "Want to make the gods laugh? Tell'em your plans!" Hahaha