Wednesday, March 29, 2017

More Projects

I'm in the mood to do foundation piecing.  It's #MarchMiniMadness for Island Batiks time, right?  So, I decided to try out some foundation stuff I was given.  I've used typing/computer paper, and  Carol Doak's Foundation Paper, and found the foundation paper to be easier to use, made flatter seams, and was easier to tear. 

What I'm using now is Fun-Dation, a non-woven interfacing type thing.  It's easy to see through, so that's a plus, but it's not as easy to tear.  Also, when I put it through the printer, I needed to hand feed it.  It's thinner than regular paper, and my printer was grabbing 2 sheets at once.  I don't remember that happening with the paper.  I think if your printer can be set for specialty paper, you may be okay.  I didn't try it on mine.  

Comparing the prices, I think the Carol Doak's is a better deal, for initial cost.  The "tear away" sections of Fun-Dation can be used under embroidery or when making buttonholes, though.  I may end up pulling some of the larger scraps out of the garbage bin, just to keep for re-using.  I also need to find my SewLine glue stick.  It's great for holding the first piece in place.  So, my hints?  Save time, and get foundation paper, and a temporary basting glue stick.  You can also chain piece, sort of.  There's usually space between the block sections, but I didn't clip threads, just pulled the one stitched piece out enough to get the new one positioned under the needle.  

I didn't do anything with Island Batiks, since the Mondo bag, though.  I'm working with regular fabrics.  The first thing I finished was a table runner for my QBFF's daughter, who is getting married.  I wanted to make something for her shower.  Her dishes are yellow stoneware, and the other linens are grey.  I looked through my stash and found a pretty red rose floral on a yellow background, with a touch of grey in the leaves.  I sent a quick photo to my friend, to make sure her daughter would like the print, and was told "Yes".  So, I went back to one of my earlier designs with the Accuquilt GO! cutter, and used a Ribbon Star for the blocks, with a red accent fabric, grey and a pale yellow for the background.  I only had to purchase the grey.  

When I first pulled fabrics, I tried to NOT use red.  I looked for a deeper yellow/gold, and  even a sage-y green, but couldn't find anything to really match, and look good with the grey.  When I pulled the red, the other colors seemed to work.  I layered it with a cream backing, and used Aurifil 5001, Ocher Yellow, to quilt it.  I put a simple swirled design in the star center, and feathers surrounding the rest.  I used the same floral fabric for the binding, and she loved it.  I didn't know until she was opening other gifts that she had picked red for her oven mitts, towels and accents in the kitchen.  It should look pretty on her table.  I need to plan a throw size quilt for the wedding.  The shower was wonderful!  

Now, I'm working on a tulip table topper for my Sister-in-law, (photos to come) with an Easter print for the border, and I started using Kona Cotton for the Aurifil Sew Many Colors.  I started it tonight.  Creating the spools is so much fun!  Here's the first two.  

I have to finish so many other things, but just couldn't resist the spools!  There's a contest, if I can get this finished by March 31, and then I plan to do another one, in Island Batik (of course) and try the Carol Doak paper again.  I know it's rare for me to sew something non-Island Batik, but I recently reorganized my fabric, and need to use it! I'll share photos of my studio when I get it reorganized.  

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