Sunday, July 2, 2017

June Update and Curvalicious

Hi. I know it's July 1, but I actually started this yesterday.  I'm only a bit late for June's Island Batik #Curvalicious challenge.  Sort of, it's not quilted.  But the top is done, and it's very curvy.  

My plan was to make an Double Wedding Ring using the Accuquilt GO! die.  I've had it for a while, and have been wanting to try it.  My goal is to make a full size quilt using a variety of 30's prints.  I'll eventually get to that, but this was a great practice.  I cut the pieces out and started sewing, but then packed them for a road trip.  

 This is during my travels, using my 1957 Featherweight.   
 Yay!  The top is done, and will be quilted soon.  I love the colors and how it came out.  I used a mix of purple with aqua and teal accents, and the Sprinkles as background.  I have to check which fabric I have enough to bind with.  I have to use a bias cut binding, and was thinking of using the medium purple from the center of the arcs, but may end up using the darkest, where the arcs join.  This measures about 18 by 52, and will be added to my shop as soon as it's quilted.  I love it! 

Another finish to share is the quilt I made as a gift for my brother and sister-in-law, for their new home outside of Denver.  We drove to Colorado, and I asked that we find some good mountains to take photos.  We went to Silverthorne and Dillon for the day, and took photos in a park near the reservoir.  I used Bonnie Hunter's Scrappy Mountains Majesties quilt pattern. Their new living room furniture is navy and cream,and I found a FQ assortment of Timeless Treasures' La Vie Et Blu, in shades of blues and creams, and added some other FQs I had.  I quilted feathers through the mountains using Aurifil 2783, Medium Delft Blue in the blue sections, and 2000, light sand, in the cream sections.  Both are 50wt cotton Mako threads, and I love that they accent the quilt blocks, but don't compete.  I also loved that there was little lint.  I added feathers to the borders, too.

 My brother and great-nephew are holding it, as it got a little windy during the picnic and photo shoot.  
I picked the stripe fabric for binding, and Arlene just loves how it feels.    

It's draped over one of the chairs at their new place, and the colors are so good together.  Arlene can't wait to use it when it's chilly.  It's actually almost a full size, so it's wide enough for them both to snuggle and watch a movie, and long enough to cover John's 6ft+ length.  

I also received my Aurifil Artisan box, and was thrilled.  It contained a specialty box of assorted weights and colors curated just for the Artisans, plus a small box of floss, wool, and 80wt thread, on the adorable wooden spools.  There was also a large cone for piecing, and wool and cotton color charts.  

During the road trip, we stopped in Hamilton, Missouri so I could meet fellow Island Batik Ambassador Janet Yamamoto, who works with Jenny Doan in the design studio.  Janet invited me to meet Jenny, and Ron, Jenny's husband, offered to take a photo.  It was a sweet visit, and Jenny is so friendly.  
I also went shopping, and took a quick selfie in front of the Island Batik fabrics in their shop.  

I had to laugh at the size of these Jelly Rolls on display.  I think they were 12" tall, and lots of strips, so big enough to make a Jelly Roll Race quilt for the Jolly Green Giant, lol.  

So, June has been busy and lots of fun.  I have lots more to do, too.  I need to think of a baby quilt design for July's Island Batik challenge, also. Thanks for reading. 



Barb said...

Love both quilts!!

Pamela said...

Love that wedding ring runner! So pretty! The quilt for your brother and SIL is perfect, what nice colors - you did good :)

Karen E Overton said...

The purples are fabulous in this double wedding ring runner. I have the die and it's been patiently waiting to be used. Your quilt is certainly an inspiration!

Sally said...

WOW!'ve out done yourself on this one! The Double wedding ring is just beautiful (love that you are traveling and quilting!) and the quilt you are gifting is BEAUTIFUL!!!