Thursday, February 7, 2019

Island Batik Ambassador Unboxing #1 2019

I'm THRILLED to announce I'm still an Island Batik Ambassador. 
I'm even more thrilled to share that Accuquilt, Hobbs and Aurifil Thread are also sponsoring our monthly challenges. 

There are a few requirements for being an Ambassador, and I'm so happy to be accepted again.  I love creating with these products, and sharing them.  I'm so honored to be among the 50 Ambassadors this year.  

There's a secret/private group on Facebook where we can share info and ask questions, and while we were waiting for the announcement as to who was accepted for 2019, a flurry of messages were popping up because we were getting shipping notices, but not the final "you're accepted" announcements.  That was so much fun for us, but probably not for Island Batik, and our new contact, Kim, because it was a little confusing.  Then we got 2 big boxes delivered.  2!  One from Island Batik, and the other from Accuquilt!  That was a total surprise.  Did I mention the fabric box was over 24 lbs?  There's over 30 yards of fabric!  And 5 battings, 3 in queen size.  And thread!  Then we get the Ready Set, GO! box. 
So generous and so much fun in store. 
I'll be sharing more, with other photos along the way, but here's my unboxing video. My brother, John, was visiting and he's a retired professional videographer and editor (he's done some of the Fashion Week specials for HBO and worked for them for years).  But he had to use my older Sony Handycam and was unable to do the best editing because my computer and program is limited.  We tried.  Plus, I had been really sick for a number of days before, and my voice was a little raspy and catchy.  I'm surprised I didn't start coughing.  

Unfortunately, the Eleanor Burns book, included with the GO! system, was edited out.  I'm looking forward to seeing all the designs and blocks.  I have a number of other GO! dies and 2 Cube companion boxes, as well.  I can't wait to play and design something fun. 

Special Thanks to Island Batik, Hobb's Batting, Aurifil and Accuquilt for this wonderful opportunity to share products with others.  

I also contacted Bonnie, who was comment 134, the number chosen by for the winner on my Getaway blog hop post.  I will be sending her a fun assortment of batiks.  
I'll share a photo before it goes in the mail.  

Thanks so much for visiting, and please follow me by email and on Facebook and Instagram (MaryMackMadeMine) for all the fun to come. 


Pamela said...

Love your video - your humor made me giggle! It's going to be a fantastic year!

Gene Black said...

Hi Mary! It was great to see and hear you "live" after seeing you on the blog and in the "secret" group.
This should be a really fun year.

Bonnie58 said...

Thanks so much for drawing my name, Maryellen. I cannot wait to see all the fun batiks. I am so excited. This is a wonderful surprise on this cold winter day!! Thanks again

Calicojoan said...

Your such a tease!!! I love it! Looking forward to a fun filled year.

Kathleen said...

Great videao and fun to see you! Not sure that I caught one before from you. I missed some blogs last year, going to try to be better this year!

Sally said...

Super informative ME! What fun to "see" you in person. It will be a super fun year!

Carol Andrews said...

What fun you’ll have with all these goodies! Enjoy and I hope you feel better soon.
Carol Andrews

Carolina Asmussen said...

great video ;)

Quilting Tangent said...

Enjoy the new goodies!