Thursday, March 5, 2020

March One Monthly Goal

What are you planning this month?  My first plan is to finish the One Die Wonder project with Accuquilt GO! dies for the Island Batik Ambassador challenge.  I'm using Graphic Gems, a collection of teals and purples, to make the Storm at Sea block.  I've made 2 so far, and know it will take time to make the 16 I'm hoping to get done, to make this a top, and then quilt it before March 30th.  

I printed out the paper block from EQ8, and colored that, because this will be scrappy, but I want to get a certain look, so there are gradations in the fabrics.  There's also 65 pieces in each block.  The die makes this so much easier than other ways, but it's still block that takes time. 

But I'm going on vacation for 8 days.  I won this trip, so I'm thrilled I'm able to finally go on it.  I was a Secret Santa winner from Wheel of Fortune in 2018, and won cash, which is how I purchased Vanna, my Handiquilter Amara long arm, and this trip.  The TV player had my spin ID number, and my angel friends saw it and reminded me to check to see if I had won.  Yes, people do actually win and get the prizes.  My son and I are going to Arizona, the Grand Canyon, Bryce and Zion national park and Las Vegas.  So, I'll be gone, and on a bus, so can't take my machine to sew.  
And then I have 2 secret projects for the Island Batik catalog for October's Quilt Market, and they have to be done and mailed by mid April.  
For the trip, I would love to make new pajamas for me, and for Matt, and maybe a backpack.  In addition, I'm finally getting the floors refinished for the 2 bedrooms, and need to finish cleaning that one out asap.  And my brother, Sister-in-law, and her sister will be visiting for 2 weeks, so need to get the dining room and living room cleaned, which has become the storage area for Mom's stuff, until it can be moved maybe to the garage, which is also full.  It's NUTS! here.  

So, really, my goal is to breathe, do as much as I can each day, pack and go away, meet some Quiltsy team members who live in Arizona, have fun, and keep moving forward.  Although the photos will be proof, that's not really a visible goal.  I better get the laundry done, and a good pair of walking shoes.  Wish me luck!

What's your goal?  


Marly said...

That's a lovely block with the different fabrics; have fun making the rest. Enjoy your holiday! You have so much planned!

Kathleen said...

Well you do have your work cut out for you. Enjoy your well deserved glad of the success in clearing and cleaning as they come, and yes helps.

Farm Quilter said...

Gorgeous block and the whole quilt will be fabulous!! How nice to know that people really do win prizes on Wheel of Fortune!! Have a wonderful trip - I've been everywhere you are going and it will be spectacular!!!

Patty said...

Great block! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.