Monday, July 27, 2020

Diamond Anniversary

I can share this now! 

Last week's secret sewing was a gift for some favorite people in my life.  My wonderful Aunt Joan and Uncle Bob, my dad's brother, are celebrating 60 years married.  
Photo courtesy of Anne's Facebook page. 

I have so many wonderful memories of time with them and my cousins, and they've been wonderful to me over the last 4+ years, while I was caring for my parents.  Before my dad had the stroke, we had visited them in Ohio.  After Dad passed, we took Mom to see them again, and it was great for her, and wonderful for me.  Mom loves them, so I could actually get a break and got to do some sightseeing, including the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, on one trip.  Aunt Joan is also a quilter, and Uncle Bob jokes that he can't understand why she cuts up perfectly good fabric just to sew it back together again.  I'm sure he's looking at this and trying to figure out how it was built.  If only he knew how many pieces of fabric were cut!

Because of Covid-19, they couldn't have a big party, but were able to celebrate a little.  I wanted to send something that would celebrate them and thank them. 

I searched for diamond quilt blocks, and saw Andrea Tsang Jackson's  Gemology book, which has 9 foundation pieced gemstone shapes, and color suggestions for birthstone colors, and a few great projects.  I was happy to see that the foundations can be printed to make 4 different size blocks.  I made the 18" version.  I picked white, grey and Charcoal of the Island Batik solids, plus Opal and Sterling of the Basics to add the sparkle of a diamond.  The book directions are great, and I have experience doing foundation piecing.  I was able to increase the copy size on my printer, and used Carol Doak's foundation paper, which I keep on hand.  

 I didn't do an actual count, but there are over 50 pieces of fabric in the stone. 

After assembling the block, I added the borders to make it a little bigger, using Opal.  I quilted 60 and a heart on the "top" of the stone, and did ruler work along some of the facets, using Aurifil 40-3 thread in 2021, Natural White.  I free-motioned the feathers for the background and border, and added a hanging sleeve to the back.  

Happy Anniversary, Aunt Joan and Uncle Bob!  I wish you many more years together, and thank you so much for all your prayers and support for me over the years.  You've blessed us with love. 



MissPat said...

What a thoughtful and precious gift. I'm sure it is highly appreciated.

Emily said...

What a gorgeous and thoughtful anniversary gift! Lovely!

Barb Neiwert said...

How special! I'm certain they love this thoughtful and beautiful gift. Well done!

Kathleen said...

A wonderful gift for people who have been very special to you! Congratulations on a great gift and a great quilt.

Anonymous said...

MaryEllen, it is gorgeous. I enjoyed seeing the sneak peeks of this secret sewing!