Sunday, October 4, 2020

October One Monthly Goal

 The beginning of another month means a link up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal

My main goal is to make the Aurifil Thread and Island Batik Ambassador Thread Painting Challenge. 
I had taken so many photos during my trip to Arizona and Utah in March, right before the shut down. Or actually during.  We were told that the planned tour was cancelled, and they offered an optional one, a 3 hour boat ride on Lake Powell to hike to The Rainbow Bridge.  I was so impressed with the views that my head was swimming with ideas for quilts, and I think I can do something with one of the photos for this month's challenge.  I plan to use some of the Sunset Plumes collection, since the colors work.  I have some blue that would work for the sky, and I'm not sure if I'll just do fusible applique or confetti.  
Here's one of the possible photos.  

I have 4 possible printed, so I'll see which seems to work best for the ideas floating in my head.  That day was so visually stimulating that looking at the photos reminded me how I felt to experience seeing this stunning beauty.  I did get to see the Rainbow Bridge.  If I can find a good photo of that, I may use it.  I think my son has some on his phone, as he got closer than I did.  

I also need to finish the red and cream quilt, as it needed to be larger.  I'm also making shams for the customer.  And I'm working on Journey 2 Nebula with Jaybird Quilts.  I have the first 2 projects quilted, but they're on a wide back, and I have more to quilt on that.  This is Lucky Charm.  It will be a pillow to match my bed quilt. 

I also finished piecing the Spellbound quilt kit in Salem Quilt Show fabric by Meg Hawkey with Maywood Studios.  I would love to get that quilted this month, as it's actually a Halloween theme quilt. 

If you haven't heard, I'm now accepting quilt tops to be Long Arm quilted.  I have a few openings for quilts due before Christmas, so if you need something done please let me know.  

And this month's Hashtag is #SewSomethingOctober.  I challenge you to do something sewing related for 15 minutes or more each day, take a progress photo and post it on Instagram or Facebook with that hashtag.  I'll cheer you on!  I know it's helping others to make sure they do something for at least 15 minutes.  It's given one back her sewing mojo, and another realized it's her favorite time of the day, and she loves that she has friends sewing along with her.  Do anything!  Mending, clothes, quilting, piecing,   Just do it.  And I'll be checking and cheering.  What can you get done if 15 minutes?  I added one column of sashing and cornerstones, and a column of blocks to the above top.  I timed myself.  Yes, I had it all set to go, but in 15 minutes I did 2x from the top to the bottom.  Within 1 1/2 hours, I had the whole top assembled. 

And I felt so good afterwards.  Join me, using the hashtag, and share your progress.  

Thanks for checking in.


grammajudyb said...

I’m looking forward to seeing your Thread PInting. That has always fascinated me!

Sharon - IN said...

Thread Painting, looking forward to seeing your finished quilt!

Barb N said...

If you can't find a good photo of The Rainbow Bridge, here's one: It would make a beautiful quilt!

Patty said...

Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck with your project.