Thursday, November 5, 2020

November Monthly Goal


As usual, I have more than one goal for this month.  

First, this pile of lovely fabric needs to be a quilt for the Island Batik Inspired by Nature Hop that starts November 9.  There will be give aways, so stay tuned!  I'll share more when it starts.  Now, if I could only come up with a design.  lol.  So many options!  I love being an Island Batik Ambassador, and getting gorgeous bundles like this to play with. 

The second goal is to get my Secret Sewing project started, and done.  That's a new design that will be in the May 2021 Island Batik catalog.  I'm excited, and the fabrics and colors are lovely.   But I can't show you anything about it yet.  Okay, I'll hint that one of the fabrics is my favorite color.  lol 

Another goal is to get the current Customer quilts done.  I have 5 currently, and one is half done.  I'll share photos as they finish.  I'm glad that part of my business is growing.  Jeanne made this top with Moda's Bonnie's House precut, by Bonnie and Camille.  Sea Swirl Ribbon is the panto. 

I also have 2 patterns to finish writing and get them printed, and then Christmas presents, and the Journey 2 Nebula projects and the Marie Bostwick Journeys Block of the Month.  I have this month's blocks started, and the J2N is ready for quilting.  Another pattern will be starting next Tuesday.  I want to finish both of the current pieces into pillow tops by the end of this month, too.  
These are Jawbreaker and Candy Dish by Jaybird Quilts with Island Batik fabric. 

Yes, it's a lot, but I plan to keep working.  
Do you have goals?

I challenge you to #NeedleNowNovember
  That's the hashtag for this month.  Try to sew something, even cross stitch or embroidery, each day for at least 15 minutes.  Mending, quilting, piecing, anything, and you'll notice a great sense of peace, accomplishment, and productivity.  If you can do more, then do, but everyone should be able to squeeze in 15 minutes with fabric, needle and thread.  Share a photo of your project on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag and I'll cheer you on!  

Thanks for visiting.  


Pamela said...

Love that bundle for the blog hop, I'll bet you come up with something pretty! Good luck with all your projects, you are sure going to be busy!

Kathleen said...

That is one gorgeous bundle! I look forward to seeing what you create!