Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Storm At Sea Blog Hop

 Hi, and welcome to my day on the Storm at Sea blog hop!  I'm excited to share Petals Provence with you.  The Ambassadors are sharing the fabrics in the Surprise wrapping from the July boxes.  I love it!

This is such a pretty collection.  I do love the crisp blues and clear yellows, but the tjaps (chops) are gorgeous, too.  This was designed by Kathy Engle and will be in shops soon, but you may find precuts, now.  

I love the delicate florals with vine on the top of this photo from Island Batik, but also, there's a pretty large circular floral.  The colors range from pale lemon to darkest navy.  and there are dots and petals and so many pretty fabrics.  The ambassadors were asked to make a Storm at Sea quilt for this hop, and they have all been outstanding.  Please scroll to the end for links to see the others.

This is called Flower in Buttercup.

I've been working on mine, but it's not finished yet.  I've had more medical issues and need another surgery, plus the eye surgery didn't work as anticipated and will need to be redone.  Medical tests, exams and diagnosis have taken over my life at the moment, but I'm hoping I will be cured after the surgery.  If not, radiation or chemo may be needed, but I won't know for another few weeks.  Let's just say I'm scared, but hopeful.  Mostly, I feel okay, but every once in a while my body tells me it's not fine. 

Here's my planned quilt. 

I used the sample ideas in EQ8 for their Storm at Sea layouts, and made the blocks 9" so I could use the Accuquilt GO! Storm at Sea BOB die I got a few years ago.  If you only do 2 sides of diamonds and small squares, it's 9" but with diamonds surrounding, it's a 12" block. With the yellow and navy, I wanted this to look like a sunny sky, so maybe the day after the storm.  It gives me something to look forward to during this medical challenge.  I've pieced most of the blocks and have assembled the center row, and parts of the remaining, but need to make 4 more large blocks, and a few more diamonds and small square in a square units.  I'm cutting each color as I need, and actually sewing the rows as I go, which is not my usual assembly style (I web the top together in columns and then sew the rows), but because this one has directional blocks (some corner units are different colors) I went with the Get it Done Now plan, lol Here's some of the blocks so far.  I do have more, but didn't pin them on for the photo.  

It will have 5 rows of 5 main square in a square units, and end with the diamond/small units on the edges.  This shows 3 of the 5 rows, and I do have more of the medium blues done.  Just need the last corners, and borders.  Then I plan to layer it on a royal blue Minkee wide backing and put it on Vanna for a wave or spiral design.  I used 18 of the fabrics in the collection, and the White solid that is provided in the Ambassador boxes.  The yellow and dark navy in the borders are from the Basics collection, Cornmeal and Marbles Storm.  With borders, it will be about 88" square.  Of course, I'm using Schmetz microtek needles and Aurifil thread.  I have some white Hobb's batting waiting to go, too. 

The hardest part was actually deciding on a design.  This was my first thought, and then I had about 5 more ideas, and each was good.  This won out, because I felt it would showcase the fabric the best, and because the medical challenge happened in the middle of the planning, and I just needed to concentrate on the easiest.  I'm sure the other designs will show up here eventually.  

I love the movement the straight piecing gives, to make it look like there are curves. It's a fun challenge, and I know there will be more Storm quilts in my future.  In the meantime, I'll get this one done soon.  Fabrics and thread and the Accuquilt GO! die machine, plus Hobb's batting and Schmetz needles are provided by Island Batik for my use as Ambassador. 

Enter to win Island Batik's prize here.
Please follow my Instagram page for more fun inspiration, and follow my blog.  I'm working on updating the email list, so please be patient.  I'll choose someone who comments to win some Island Batik fabric from me.  Do you have something fun planned for the holidays?  What's your favorite treat or activity?  
Thanks for visiting, and please visit the other Ambassadors.  You'll be blown away!  Gorgeous projects and designs, and the fabric.  Enjoy! 

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Gene Black said...

I don't have any huge plans for the holidays. But we are having a big family Thanksgiving at my Brother's house. I always love gathering with the group that will be there.

Here are good wishes for your health. I hope everything goes well.

Jennifer Fulton Inquiring Quilter said...

Sending you love and prayers for a quick recovery.

Your plan is beautiful! Seeing the blocks in the actual fabrics let's me see how gorgeous this collection is. Love the idea of a beautiful sunrise after a storm. This will be such a meaningful quilt when you get back to it.

I also have the AccuQuilt die and feel like I have more storm quilts in my future as well. I look forward to seeing your other designs.

Quilting Tangent said...

Pretty quilt. Pineapple upsidedown cake, pies and cheesecake are some of the choices for desert.

Joyce Carter said...

Your quilt is going to be gorgeous! The colors are Beautiful together and have a softer feel to them.
I am sorry you are having so many problems with your health. Prayers that everything will work out for you and you will be much better soon.
Thank you for your giveaway. I actually don't have any plans for the Holidays. My husband and I are both elderly and his health isn't all that good so we just take each day as it comes.

Julie said...

We are going to fly to MN at Christmas time to visit family. Hope our flight doesn't get canceled.

works4me said...

Sending healing wishes your way. You quilt is going to be beautiful and I am impressed with how much you have done.

My sister-in-law has invited my husband's family to our new house December 4, even though we are in the middle of a major renovation. So, I guess I will be cleaning as well as possible and apologizing a lot. :) lol

Kathleen said...

I am so sorry to hear of your health problems and do hope you get some relief soon and that healing begins.

I love your design and can't wait to see it completed. It is a gorgeous fabric line and yes, sunrise at sea is perfect.

My holiday plans are simple. Our son will be with us for Thanksgiving and we are hoping to visit family in PA for Christmas. Unfortunately, due to an elderly dog my husband may be staying home, which feels like less than a great Christmas to me. My favorite treat is stuffing and pie for breakfast the next day.

tac73 said...

I get to go cross country to visit family for the holidays. Love the light in your quilt.

Michele T said...

I am hoping that my children can come home for Christmas… fingers crossed!

Elizabeth said...

I am having family here for Thanksgiving.
I love the design you created. So bright and cheery.
You also have my praters for a full recovery from both surgeries. Elizabeth

Kathy E. said...

Blues and yelllows always go together so well! Your quilt is stunning!
I am feeling the Christmas spirit earlier than usual this year and may get our tree and decorations out in November, even though many already have theirs up now!
Prayers for a speedy recovery!

Emily said...

Your design is beautiful and really makes these fabulous fabrics shine! Lots of healing thoughts to you!

OhioLori said...

Love your planned quilt..and blues & yellow are so bright & happy..great fabrics to work with on cold gray winter least in We will have family here at Christmas..and our daughter in NC will be up!!! :)Thank you for chance to win your Give-a-way too

Beth said...

No big holiday plans here. Due to being immunocompromised/just recently boostered, I won't be out of the typical Covid "isolation" until the day before Thanksgiving. That, along with basic caution and relatives on the frontlines of healthcare, will be keeping our celebration very small--just us, really. But we are expressing our feelings of love and thanksgiving regardless of the distance between us and will celebrate whenever we're together again. Thanksgiving isn't a day, it's an emotion. wordygirl at earthlink dot net

JANET said...

No plans here, other than cookIng all day just for us. Most of family have moved out of state, or passed.

Bonnie58 said...

Love your quilt. It is so fresh. My family all live close, so we will be doing some small gatherings over the holidays. Thanks

Pamela said...

Sending prayers for your health! I hope you have good holidays! I plan on spending time with my family and just relaxing. I'm a teacher, so I have almost two weeks off between semesters. Precious time to sew!

Maureen Mitchell said...

Beautiful design and perfect fabric for it. Love your work!

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

I love the colour layout you have chosen. Looks great. I'm working on a Storm at Sea, but scrappy. Sorry to hear you're not well. Good luck with tests. Prayers for a speed recovery.

CyndyL said...

Love your plan for the top. I understand the medical limitations. Just had shoulder surgery and not able to do anything right now, No big plans for the holidays as yet. Hope you get to feeling better soon.