Sunday, April 5, 2009

Newest Costume Pictures

Hi. Thanks for stopping in at my blog! Last night my family came with me to see Deb's daughter and many others in Joseph's Coat. The students were amazing!! The leads were outstanding, the dancing fun, and the band fabulous. You would have expected similar from professionals, but this was high school. I was so surprised when the director made an announcement at the end of the intermission. She said that we all needed to applaud for a very creative and talented woman who designed and created Joseph's coat, and asked me to stand up. The cast went crazy behind the curtain, and every one else applauded. It was really surprising and nice to have people stop me after the play to say the coat was outstanding!! I felt like I was famous!! What an exciting night! Here are some pictures I took. I hope to get more, and will update if I do, but here is a taste!
This was so much fun to make. I really got to play with the colors, fabrics, and trim, and combined patterns to make the skirt of the jacket. Paul from Enrights donated the solids. There are 11 different fabrics all together!
I have to get back to my machine to finish the costumes for Oz. I will post them soon. That play is a grade school production that will be the beginning of May.


Grandma Barbara said...

Oh, wow!! That coat is gorgeous!! You did a great job!!

Ashlawnfarms Rag Quilt Creations said...

That coat is so cool! What a great acknowledgment too! Congrats on that!