Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hi. Welcome to my first Blog! As some of you know, I travel between Long Island, NY and my house in PA for work. I stay with my parents when I work, but love being home (PA) most weekends. I have a great sewing studio here, but bring my sewing machine and serger back and forth as needed. These last few weekens have been filled with the same, but this one also brings more.

My friend, Deb, and her daughter got me involved with school plays 3 years ago, and I love it. I have been making dresses for Lor for years, so when asked to do costumes for Mary Poppins, I was thrilled. I have since been involved with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and now Wizard of Oz, and Joseph's Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. I have had fun designing and creating costumes, and love the reactions I get from the young (grades 1 to 8) or high school aged actors. I have seen some children really transform themselves into the character, and really added to their fun during the performance. I hope that the costume helps, but must also say the director is incredible with them! They sing, dance and act their little hearts out, and the audience loves it.
So, this weekend, my parents and one of my brothers and his wife are going with me to see Joseph's Coat. I only made the coat for this, but the rest of the costumes, scenery, music, singing, and acting is great. I got to see the students develop their characters at rehearsals each week. I am really looking forward to the show. I will post pics when I get them. Next month is Oz!

In the meantime, Cast and Crew, break a leg, but don't rip a seam! Lol.
These are some of my costumes from Chitty last year.

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Those costumes are awesome! I love your new blog too!!! :)