Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Multifaceted Gems

I recently completed a large twin size quilt, and entered it into an online Scrap Quilt Challenge. I came in 3rd, so I am pleased, since the other quilts were truly scrappy, with a large variety of fabrics.


I used the pattern Multifaceted by Cozy Quilts, and a Hoffmann Bali Pop, and additional fabrics for more strips and for the background.

One thing I noticed about the Bali Pop is that all the strips were not die cut, so you need to check them before you sew. I contacted someone from Cozy Quit and she recommended that you either trim the strips, or sew the strips so they are even. Most of them were fine, so I sewed them carefully. The squares end up being 16 inches, so it is fairly quick to make the top.

After you sew the strips, you cut them into triangles. It was fairly easy to do, but it did take some time, and I ended up with quite a few extra squares. I plan to make a smaller quilt or pillow sham.


I chose to quilt some of the squares with a stencil, and the others with a stipple with loopy flowers. I used over 10 bobbins on the quilting, and almost all of a 500 yard spool of quilting thread, not including the bobbins. That was in addition to the thread for piecing. I hadn't counted bobbins before, so thought this was interesting. I love the quilt. What do you think?

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fabricartist21 said...

Very pretty, Me. You know what to do with a sewing machine that is for sure!