Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What I'm working on

Good news and bad news!!

Good new is, I have a table runner top ready to baste and quilt, and a strip quilt partially quilted, and I'm working on my son's and nephew's Irish Chain quilts.
Quiltsy WiP

The bad news?? My machine broke. In the middle of quilting the strip quilt. Well, not middle, exactly, about 1/4 way through. So, I'm currently using a vintage Featherweight sewing machine, rather than my very fast and efficient Viking Sapphire. I can piece and do basic straight things, but no quilting and no binding and finishing. I prefer using a walking foot for those things, and don't have one for the Featherweight.

So, I'm limited in what I can accomplish over the next 2 weeks. It seems the belt broke or slipped on the Viking. I'm told that's unusual, but with the way I make my machine work, and all the travelling, I'm really not surprised. So, it's getting a "spa" day and I'm getting a workout, lol.

So, here are some pictures of my current projects. First is the strip quilt, before it was pinned and partially quilted. It's a collection of about 15 different fabrics, all florals, from my stash. It's a little wild, like a contrary garden. Hmm, Mary's Contrary Garden sounds like a good name for it. It's a nice lap size using the 1600 Jelly Roll Race pattern.

I did add a border (the dark red and roses print in the middle right section) and will probably use a blue binding.  Not sure yet.  What's that peeking out from behind it on my design wall???? That's a Radiant Star quilt in progress, using bright batiks.  It needs some work still, but the main star sections are done.  I want to finish the Double Irish Chains first. 

Here's the runner. It's my design using my Accuquilt GO! and EQ7. This is about the 5th or 6th I've made, all in different colors. If you like it, it will be for sale soon. If you want different colors, let me know and I'll make one for you. I call it Ribbon Twist, because of the twist effect around the star. The block is traditional, also called Friendship Star.

This last one is a Double Irish Chain queen size quilt for my son. It needs a Seminole pieced border, which is small squares set on point. I have some of it done, but hope to get more done this weekend. The fabrics are batiks, and I love how it looks so far. What do you think?


Christine said...

Love, love everything you are working on! You have such talent! I hope your machine is fixed soon. See you soon. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Oh no! Your poor machine. They pick such inconvenient times. I've been thinking of picking up a (very) cheap one off Craigslist just as an emergency backup.

I work off a 3/4 size Singer, and will eventually need to upgrade. The harp is so short, it gets really difficult to work with. Do you like your Viking Sapphire?

I love the colors you're working with in your "Mary's Contrary Garden." Also, the name is just perfect. :)

Thanks for sharing!