Sunday, March 11, 2012

One never knows!

Okay, I'm cheating a little, lol. I just found out my Etsy Quiltsy group is doing a linky for works in progress, and since this post has some, I snagged it to link up. Go see what others are doing!

Quiltsy WiP

I just did a quick check and realized it's been about a month since my last post. There have been quite a few things happening. I do have some finishes to show.

I spent some time on Long Island with my parents and helping my friend Christine work on a quilt. She tried Free Motion Quilting for the first time, and had a blast!! We got her first big quilt layered and she's working on the quilting. I fixed Mom's machine again, then had to do it again the next day. I don't know what she does, but as soon as I go back home, she calls and says the machine isn't working again. I don't like her machine at all. It's very noisy now, too, and the stitches are not great, but it's enough for her to do some minor alterations, which is what she wants. I do anything major when I go. She's shrinking, so I do the pants hems and other repairs.   Mom always asks "What color thread is on your machine?"  She thinks it's difficult to thread a machine, and would rather not change, but for me it's about 20 seconds, and no problem.  Maybe it's her way of "not imposing", but she wants to??  I think it's funny.

I also spent time with my nephew sewing his quilt. He has now finished all the A blocks. When I go back, we'll start on the B blocks. They should be pretty fast, then maybe we can get the top done. He's having fun, and I made him replace the ankle and foot, rethread the machine, adjust the needle position, replace the needle, and clean out the bobbin case. He needs to know how to care for the machine as much as use it, and likes taking things apart. We plan to go to a quilt show when I go down again. I'm looking forward to seeing his reactions to the quilts, now that he knows a little about making one!

So, on with my stuff. I'm working on a pea pod costume. More on that later. Just know it's a little Steampunk, and has lights. It should be really interesting for a mascot contest.

I finished another St. Patrick's table runner. This one was a quick one, mostly to practice my feather stitching, and to list in my store. It's still available. I'm hoping it sells soon, so it can be shipped to it's new home before Saturday.

I've also done a Jelly Roll Race quilt top, too. It's waiting to be quilted. I have another table runner started. It needs the borders and then can be layered and quilted. Those will be done and posted soon! I have so many other things planned! This week's class is the Lighted Easter Egg. Oh, that's another finish! 

You never know what I'm up to until I post!!  Thanks for stopping by!


Christine said...

I love the Easter table topper. It came out really nice.

Anonymous said...

I love that you're teaching your nephew! I can't wait until one of my nieces or nephews is old enough to do this with. The idea of a steampunk pea pod costume is wonderful! What fun.