Sunday, June 17, 2012

Michele's Project

I know she's going to say "Finally", maybe not to me, but I know she should!

Michele asked me to make cushions for her 4 dining room chairs, and something to decorate the backs.  We played with ideas, and came up with a design.  She had the fabric, and I needed to get the foam, ribbon and piping.  I actually ended up making the piping, since either it was too thin or too fancy and very expensive in the store.  It takes some time to make 24 yards of piping, but not as long as it seems, Michele.

Here they are!  Her chairs are creamy white, like the stripe in the fabric, and are shaped differently than mine.  These should look wonderful on her chairs. 

I know I procrastinate.  In this case, it was because I hadn't done something exactly like this before, and I needed the thinking process to work, make the design, and to work with the stripes.  I think it came out really cute, and I made sure the stripes matched on the pieces.  The center stripe on both is cream, and the stripes match along the front and back on the chair cushion along the sides.  Both are also reversible.  I'm happy with the finished set. 

I'm not exactly happy with all the life issues that happened in the process of this project, but sometimes you just have to deal with life first.  I think I've conquered the life challenges, and could deal with this challenge, finally. 

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