Friday, October 18, 2013

What have you missed??

I didn't write much this summer.  I'm not sure why, but I was busy.  I had fun, and also accomplished a few things.

I sewed a pirate shirt!  I enjoy doing things like that, and when a friend joked on Facebook that he wanted to be a pirate on the fishing boat, I decided to make him the shirt, so he really could be a pirate.  Hopefully he smiled when he got it.  My friend took his picture, standing in front of his painting of a ship, holding a stein (maybe of grog??) and with his gun.  I'm cutting off his head, so he can't be identified.  Isn't that something a pirate would suffer?  lol
I listed it in my Etsy shop as a custom order, and have already made and sold another.  That's fun.

I also worked on some quilt tops.  I'm in the process of quilting them, so I'll share those later.

And, when I heard my brother John's West Hempstead Kiwanis group was honoring Veterans at the spaghetti dinner on 9/11, I asked if we could also present Quilts of Honor to the vets.  I wanted to give my dad a QOH, for his service after WWII, in Japan.  So, I worked on making his quilt, and obtained 6 more from Team Quiltsy on Etsy, the wonderful seller's group I'm lucky to be a member of.  I contacted Tink Linhart, a QOH rep that I've sent tops to, and was able to get more.  This was all accomplished in less than a month.  I couldn't believe how supportive Quiltsy and Tink were, to make sure I had enough quilts to present.  There was an article in the Long Island Herald about the dinner, with lots of photos.

Here's Pam's quilt being presented.

And John presenting my father his quilt.  It's a Double Irish Chain.

This is what the top looked like, before quilting.

I hope to get another good photo of the finished top soon.

There was also a wonderful Girl Cousins Weekend at Liz's beach house in Rhode Island, and also a day and evening in New York City for Quilters Take Manhattan.  Christine and I had a really good time at the main event and at the cocktail party.  The beginning of October was Airing of the Quilts in Tunkhannock, PA.
The weather was perfect, and the quilts and company were wonderful!

So, I've been busy doing lots of fun things.  There's always quilting in there, too.  More about the quilts later!  Thanks for reading.

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