Saturday, June 14, 2014

SewJo Saturday June 14

Another week!  Wacky and busy, but fun!

Here's the update on Abigail's dress.  I made the tie.  Should have taken about 15 minutes, but my Viking Sapphire decided to have an extremely rare hissy fit.  It took more than 20 minutes to get her to behave, and make a second buttonhole.  The pattern recommended the ties be buttoned at the shoulders, instead of one long piece tied behind the neck.  The machine has a great computerized buttonhole feature, which I've used successfully millions of times.  Plug the special foot into the computer link, set the machine for the button hole length, and place the fabric under the presser foot, with a piece of tear-away stabilizer.  The first one came out perfectly.  I started the second one, and the machine didn't start the zigzag part, it just kept going backwards.  Way longer than it's supposed to, for the size of the buttonhole.  I tested on scrap fabric, and it worked fine, but as soon as I put the piece for the tie back, it only went backwards.  So weird!!  And very frustrating.  Usually a 15 second thing took more than 20 minutes.  I shut the machine off twice to reset the computer, cleaned everywhere, and yelled a bit.  Finally, it worked.

Anyway, here's the finished dress.

I'm also working on the purple braid quilt.  I need to finish the border and bind it.  I also need to press the pieces for the linen quilt, and get that top together.  I want to make a case for my new tablet, too.  Fun!!

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