Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sewjo Saturday Link Up

Hi! I'm linking up for SewJo Saturday!

 Here's a quick photo of what's on the machine.  I'm quilting A Braid in a Day by Eleanor Burns featuring Island Batiks strip pack.  I think the pack is named Orchids.  I'll have to check when I get home.  This isn't even my machine!  My friend Christine let me borrow her Viking Sapphire 835.  I have the 850.   Her machine rocks for FMQ!  I'm visiting my parents, and have a sewing space here.  I had been bringing my machine, but one time I lost the power cord.  Christine lent me her machine, while she finishes the repairs after Hurricane Sandy damaged her house.  Once she gets set up, her machine will be going home.  In the meantime, it saves me a little weight lifting.

I hope to have this finished and listed by Monday!  

Christine and I went to the Eastern Long Island quilt show on Saturday.  Great time!  We both needed the day for fun, and seeing quilts and listening to Victoria Findlay Wolfe and Marie Bostwick, as well as shopping through the vendor mall, was our idea of a fun!  I'll be sharing more photos later.  This one is from Victoria's lecture.  This quilt is part of her Double Wedding Ring series, which will be at the Wisconsin Quilt Museum.  You can get more info about Victoria and the show  HERE.

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