Sunday, March 15, 2015

Quilted Creative Goodness

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I had some "play" time this week.  I try to enter the Aurifil Designer of the Month Challenge each month.  I still have a few blocks to finish from last year, and those are next on the list of things to make on the vintage machines, but I did have time to make 9 small (6") Chunky Churn Dash blocks, and finish the top for February.  The blocks were made on my vintage machines, but the top was finished on the computerized model.  I'm finding I do that almost all of the time.  I can piece blocks when I need a computer break, or while something is cooking, and then, when it needs to be officially pressed, I bring it downstairs and finish the sashing, borders and the rest down there.  I'm not going to set up an ironing board in my dining room.  That's just too extreme (although I do have an extra board and iron).  

Anyway, here's my entry.  I LOVE the colors, and the fabrics from Island Batik's Full Bloom collection.  The colors are just gorgeous, and the prints add just the right touch to the blocks, without being too big. 

I'm not so sure about the outside border, though.  It may be too "pastel" for the rest of the blocks, although it has the right colors in it.  I'll let that thought process for a few days until I decide, then I'll get this quilted.  

If you look at Joanna's design (see above link), you'll notice she used the grey background as the frame, and varied her sashing.  I had a small piece of the rainbow dot fabric, not enough for the sashing, but perfect for the background frame in each block.  I used pieces from the blocks for the cornerstones, and the same white background (tone on tone) for the sashing as in the blocks.  That's where the Creative Goodness part lies.  Making something as a challenge, but making it your own, too. 

The rainbow fabric is called Kool Aid, and I felt it was the perfect inspiration for the warmer weather to come.  

And today, it's snowing and very windy.  Not a lot of snow, but enough to "clean up" the piles.  So, although I'm inspired by Spring colors, Mother Nature is still holding onto the weather of winter.  

Thanks for visiting!  You'll find the new Aurifil design for March on the Auribuzz blog soon!  It's a great challenge!  Since the year is filled with minis, it's a great time to build precision piecing skills. 


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Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Looks beautiful and love the batiks!