Sunday, March 8, 2015

Happy International Woman's Day

Today the world celebrates women.  How are you celebrating?

I decided to do a little work on 2 of my favorite vintage machines, since both got a little ornery last night.  The 15-91 is always in the dining room.  The Featherweight is visiting there for now.  

The 1957 Featherweight's bobbin ran out.  That machine is set up with a 1/4" foot with a guide, and I'm using it to sew half square triangle units, and flying geese blocks.  The guide helps me stay on the drawn line so I get an accurate seam.  

The 1954 Singer 15-91 in the trapezoid cabinet had tension issues.  I went to bed.  

Today, I decided to do a Carnuba wax on both, and give them both oil, new needles, and clean the lint in the bobbin area.  The 15-91 has a fabric guide.  It's perfect for sewing blocks and strips, but I would need to move the guide for sewing the triangles and geese, as those are sewn in the middle of a patch, not the edge.  I try not to move it, though, because it's a perfect seam where it is.  I love both for their great stitches and ease of use, but they are also both so pretty and sound so sweet.  It's very relaxing to sew on these vintage machines.  Things seldom go wrong, which is why I treated them both well today.  Now they are purring again, and look at those adorable Chunky Churn Dash blocks they stitched!  Both machines love Aurifil, and I'm using the #Islandbatik  Full Bloom Bundle to create the Aurifil Designer Mini Block of the Month, Chunky Churn Dash quilt.  

I'm using a white tone on tone for the background. I have the colors picked out for the rest of the 9 blocks, and hope to have them done soon.  I'm also working on quilting the baby quilts downstairs, in my studio.  

I haven't gotten tons of time to work over the last few weeks.  Mostly because of the weather and related issues, including this. 

In the Northeast part of PA, we've had a wicked winter, including many days below 0*F and one night of minus 50* windchills.  I woke up to no water.  My pipes had frozen.  When they finally thawed, after 2 days, the pipe to the bathroom burst.  Luckily, I was down in the basement when this happened, and was able to get to the main to shut off the water before too much damage occurred.  That tan cabinet (with the pink toolbox) is the base of my sewing machine table, and the wall to the left of that houses my fabric stash on shelves.  The fiberglass ceiling panels landed against the design wall, so that needed to be replaced, as well.  The pipe was repaired on Wednesday, and I've replaced the plastic over the light, and the other tiles, as well as the design wall.  The towels have been washed, and other damaged things have been discarded.  But the colder temperatures have made it difficult to work down there.  The floor was just too cold. 

On top of this, I've also been going to Scranton, to Northeastern Eye Institute, to get fitted for the Scleral lens that will correct my vision in my left eye.  After the cornea transplant in January of 2014, I needed to wait to get the lens.  It's time, and so far the one I'm using is great.  I should be able to get 20/25 vision with the lens.  Dr. Shovlin is great about the fit, comfort, and vision, and hopefully the next trial lens will be the one.  He's not happy with the fit of this one.  I'm able to wear the lens all day, and I'm thrilled that I can see so much better.  I do know my quilting has improved, too, now that I can see.  My vision before was about 20/400 in that eye (basically, blind, since August of 2013) and the right eye has a different lens, an RGP, that is corrected to 20/25.  I've had keratoconus for about 20 years, and this is the first time in more than 10 years that I've felt comfortable driving at night.  I can't wait to go to the movies and enjoy seeing the screen, and doing so many other things I haven't enjoyed for so long.   What a difference this new cornea and the Scleral lens has made!  

Today, I'm enjoying the sound of melting snow and icicles, the gorgeous blue skies, and pretty clouds, and hoping for a few more days of warmth, although we've had snow flurries a few times today.  

Hazel just wants to catch her frisbee, though.  She's in the loft, waiting for me to toss it..  

Thanks for visiting!  


sallymanke said...

Love seeing those old machines in action! So hope your weather troubles are behind you so you'll have more sewing time!

Barbara Wood said...

I also love the sound of these old girls as they make their stitches. I really enjoy sewing on my vintage machines. Your blocks look great!