Sunday, July 5, 2015

Little Dresses for Africa

Sew and Sow Farm

I saw Jan from Sew and Sow Farm's post about making dresses to donate to Little Dresses for Africa. I knew I had fabric that would work, and enjoy making dresses, so I decided to take a mini-quilting break and make 2 dresses.

I pulled fabric from my stash, and it measured 2 3/4 yards.  It's an older print by Benartex, and I knew it would make pretty dresses.  The olive background is shaded, and the flowers are a deep magenta.   I went through my pattern supply, also, and pulled out a simple dress pattern that I've used before.  It's an older Simplicity pattern.  I had just enough fabric to make 2 dresses the same, so I layered the fabrics and cut them both out.  Although the suggested style is a pillowcase dress, I wanted something a little different, but still a pull-over style.  This one has a cute tie for a bow in the back.

I've made many dresses for girls over the years.  It was fun to make something like this again.

I have one dress done, and will finish the other tomorrow.  I need to do the armholes and attach the skirt.  Then I'll send them off.  The pattern called these a size 7, and according to the LDFA chart, will be a size medium.

I hope the girls who receive these will love wearing them.  The fabric is soft and silky, and they should have fun twirling in the fuller skirt.

As I sewed, I thought of the little girl who had clothes made from this pattern.  I was dating her father at the time, and I'm sure she's all grown up now.  I hope she's well, and happy.  I also thought of my dad's cousin, Sr. Doris.  She's a nun, and spent over 40 years working in the schools in Africa.

I'm linking up with Jan today, and I'll be sending 2 identical cotton dresses to this charity.
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Donna said...

This is beautiful fabric and such a pretty dress to make some little girl feel very special! Thanks for sharing!

Donna Lee

lorrwill said...

Oh my gosh this is so gorgeous.

Robyn said...

Love it! What pattern did you use?

jan said...

This dress is so adorable! I know what ever little girl receives it will love it so much! Thanks you for sewing along with us!
xo jan