Sunday, July 12, 2015

Our Favorite Things, with the Island Batik Ambassadors

Come meet the Island Batik Ambassadors for 2015 and see our studios and items we love!  There may even be some give-aways!!

Hop starts Monday, July 13.  My day is Wednesday!

Here's the full schedule.

July 13:  Linda Pearl
July 14:  Barbara Gaddy
July 15:  Maryellen McAuliffe (HERE!!)
July 16:  Christine Martinez
July 17:  Maria Hrabovsky
July 18: Tammy Silvers
July 19: Joan Kawano
July 20:  Marlene Oddie
July 21:  Nan
July 22:  Adele Mogavero
July 23:  Pam Geisel
July 24:  Bea Lee
July 25:  Connie Campbell
July 26:  Pam Boatright
July 27:  Connie Kauffmann
July 28:  Patty Bochey
July 29:  Carol Steely

So, grab your favorite beverage and get to know us a little better!

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Sally said...

FUN times with Island Batiks!