Thursday, June 30, 2016

June's been a challenge

HI!  Greetings, and welcome back (to me, too).  

What a challenge this was!  I'm not a "modern" quilter.  We needed to incorporate one or more of these points.  
  • The use of bold colors and prints
  • High contrast and graphic areas of solid color
  • Improvisational Piecing
  • Minimalism
  • Expansive negative space
  • Alternate grid work.  
Then I thought about what I do make.  I've done some with bold use of colors.  I've done some with high contrast.  I've also done varied setting styles (maybe alternate grid work??)

And I adore using Island Batik!  


But I was stumped on what to make this time.  I pulled some fabrics from Red Tide, my preview collection.  Then I thought I should save that for the big blog hop thing in August.  

So I went through my box of older groupings.  I pulled the blue and greens from the Lavish collection, and played with ideas.  But this wanted to become an Oriental Fan table runner. 

I made the fans on my vintage machine, and had to get my new machine fixed (I broke the needle screw and needed to get a new needle clamp, requiring a 2 1/2 hr trip to PA, to Pocono Sew & Vac).  Got them finished and appliqued, then didn't like the setting fabric choices.  The top one has a little light aqua/green Island Batik design, and the bottom is solid white.  Just looked too blah.  Set it aside.  

Then I pulled the blues and teals from Red Tide again, and played with the idea of doing the Twisted 9 Patch pattern from Quilt In A Day.  I had the ruler and pattern for a while, but just couldn't start cutting the fabric.  

I was thinking about doing a Twisted Log Cabin in the pink/orange/red colors from Red Tide.  But I loved the look of the more white areas, and how they looked curvy.  So, I started cutting some of the pinks in my Island Batik tote.  Some were purchased, and others were from the Ambassador box.  

Then I read the pattern again, and realized I needed 4 lights and 4 pinks, not the 3 of each I had planned.  What to do??  I had already started cutting strips, and needed something that would work, and had enough yardage.  Okay, switch this to the "dark #4", put this in for "Light #3".  Oh, look, the piece I just got in the mail today works for that!  

I finally had some time last night to start piecing it, but the
wonky ruler is up in the studio, and Mom's sleeping.  I can't go up now.  Put it off until ...
This afternoon, I decided to play with the wonky ruler.  But wait!  I found a better setting color fabric for the Oriental Fan runner.  It's from Red Tide and was pulled for the Twisted 9 Patch.  But it works well with Lavish.  And the pale green 1/4 circle is from London Fog.  

Okay, get that runner done, at least to a top.  Quilting can wait.

It got photobombed by the Hollyhock bud, lol. 

I did decide to do more on the Twisted Log Cabin in pinks.  

This will probably become a baby quilt.  There's a mix of collections in this, and I have 9 blocks up to "Add light #3".  

Yes, it was a little crazy.  In between helping my mom, and taking care of things at our house, and fixing things, and gardening, and some family time.  Today is almost July 1.  My challenge isn't done, exactly.  
But I did try to do something more modern, more improv, more with bold colors.  Although using the Wonky ruler from Quilt In a Day isn't exactly improv, it will look more modern than a regular one.  

What I love about these challenges:  They make us think.  They make us do something different, and they allow a mix of Island Batik fabrics, not just one collection.  To me, that's fun.  In the midst of the daily challenges that come after the death of a parent, and a move, and other "high stress" issues, comes the challenge to just play with color and gorgeous fabrics, and make something pretty.  I may not be finishing much now, but I'm sewing.   I'm blessed to be an Island Batik Ambassador.  It's keeping me thinking and having fun, even in the midst of the distractions of other "finish me now" projects.  Thanks, Island Batik.  

Check the Island Batik Facebook page to see more of the June Modern challenge pieces.  I'm sure you'll be inspired.  

Thanks for visiting.


Pamela said...

Modern is hard for me, but it was fun to try it out! I think your twisted cabins look very modern. They'll make a neat baby quilt!

MissPat said...

Hang in there, Maryellen. I admire you for keeping up with your commitments in a challenging time (no pun intended, really). I'm guessing your quilting is a release valve that helps keep you on an even keel.
Love the wonky log cabin blocks. I have a lot of trouble doing wonky, but I'm working on it.

Barb said...

These challenges do make a person think...I love your runner

LInda Pearl said...

I love your perseverance...and the running commentary throughout your post sounds a lot like MY creative process. That should either make you feel better - or run for the hills. I think that your piece embodies the state of flux we're all in. I can't wait to see how you finish the piece.