Monday, August 6, 2018

Great Outdoors Blog Hop and more!

Hi!  First,  I just wanted to share that the Island Batik Ambassador hop is starting, and will go on for a few weeks.  Lots of inspiration and lots of prizes.  We're sharing the collections that were shown at Spring Quilt Market, and are now arriving in your favorite quilt shops.  Jungle Cruise, which I used in my newest pattern, Jungle Jumble is one of them.

Just wait until you see mine, next week, but here's the link for the full hop

On another front, Quiltsy Team on Etsy, my seller's team, is like a huge, international quilting guild.  Really!  We have over 100 members, many of whom are active in the daily chat, and we pride ourselves on the support in all aspects of life, from improving our shops to personal.  I can't imagine not having these incredible women in my life.  They've gotten me through so many things, including my daily issues with Mom's Alzheimer's.  I offered a challenge to them, and they answered with stunning results.  The challenge was to make something, table runner or larger, with black, white and one other color.  We're going to be voting for your favorites soon, so keep an eye out for the links.  Here's the Pinterest page with the entries, and I'll share the voting link soon. 

Just a reminder, this is my entry.  

And I'm almost done with a commissioned baby quilt.  I have to finish the border and bind it, then I'll share photos.  I'm hoping to have a great location shot.  Can't wait to show you!  
Stay tuned!  Lots happening this week and next.   

Thanks so much for stopping by!  Remember to hop!  

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