Sunday, July 29, 2018

Island Batik Pattern Play Challenge

Please don't faint!  I've actually finished a challenge, completely, and before the end of the month!!  Yay for me.  

In the midst of so many challenging days with my mom, and with the court case against me and my brother by 3 other siblings, I found time to quilt.  And it's a larger quilt!  I'm as surprised as you are, but I also wanted to do a black, white and one other color challenge with the Quiltsy Team on Etsy, my seller's team, and that required it being done and listed by August 4.  Yup, I started that challenge and made up the rules.  Getting something to fit both challenges was a little tricky, but I figured it out.  

I grabbed my copy of Day and Night from Quilt in a Day, which I've had for years, but have wanted to make.  I grabbed some Almond batik, and found enough of the black and lavender I've purchased, to work, if I changed out the border order.  I really only purchase Island Batik fabrics when buying batiks.  I watch for sales at Hancocks-Paducah or Quilt In a Day, as both list the brand by name.  Both the black and lavender are older pieces.  

I cut strips and made 2 blocks at a time, over the last few weeks, then last week, got the top finished.  I had to run to JoAnn's to get something for the back, and got that ready.  I wanted to do something fairly fast for quilting, as the design was busy and dramatic.  I love the little circle pinwheels where the blocks join, and the larger black and white circles around them.  That's the secondary design.  It only happens when you put 4 blocks together, and is more dramatic with 3 colors of fabric, vs 2.  
I didn't want to detract from that, so picked a curvy/feathery/swirly design, and Aurifil Graphite 50wt thread, the black and white variegated.  It looks great.  Sometimes the quilting disappears, and other times, it accents the top.  I used 2024 White for a vine/feather design in the white border, and 3840, French Lilac, in 40wt to quilt feathers in the outer border.  I then added black binding, because I felt the little touch would frame the top better.  So, here's my finished quilt.  

Black, White and Lavender

It measures 60 by 73.  The scraps from cutting the strips can be made into other projects, which I'll work on later.  I have other deadline project, including a commissioned baby quilt, plus August and September's quilts.  I'll get a table runner or 2 out of the scraps.  

So, thanks for visiting.  If you want to see more of the Island Batik Ambassador challenge quilts this month, please visit here.  I know this isn't the best list, but it's a fast blog post.  Other blogs will have more info, and I'll share the wrap up post soon.  Thanks for visiting!  Also, the Quiltsy Team #blackwhiteandspreadallover challenge has a voting part, so I'll share that too, and hope you vote for your favorite (mine, lol).


Dione Gardner-Stephen said...

I'm sorry that you have been having so much grief, and I hope making this lovely quilt gave you some much needed stress relief. Or at least the finishing did..... since the deadline probably was looming large at you for a while. It really is stunning in the three colours.

Quilting Tangent said...

Very interesting design, the small pinwheels add so much punch.

Kathleen said...

Great finish! Glad you were able to get some quilting in while you are undergoing this family strife. So hard to be a caretaker and to have division among your siblings. The design is really stunning and I am liking the thought of using some of the patterns I have had for a while for some of these challenges. Here's hoping for a great August in the "great outdoors" hop!