Saturday, December 8, 2018

Better Late than never Island Batik Challenge October Needle Paper Scissors

I'm so happy that Island Batik isn't angry when an Ambassador fails to get a challenge in on time.  This is late, but it's done.  Not just a top, like many of my other projects lately.  They know I'm also caregiver for Mom, who has Alzheimer's, and her needs come before my sewing time.  I am so grateful for that, and for the fabrics they provide, and for being an ambassador.  It keeps me motivated and looking forward, when the daily issues and stress can drag me down.  

Enough about that.  October's Ambassador Challenge was Needle Paper Scissors.  We're supposed to do something with foundation (they specified paper, but I think they'll allow this).  English Paper Piecing is something I've done, and I do enjoy it, but wasn't in the mood to cut pieces for the shapes I have.  I thought about paper piecing a star or something, but again, couldn't come up with a design or pick fabric.  So I started cleaning, and remembered I have a few sample kits from Quiltsmart.  They had asked me a few years ago to try them, and blog about them.  Sort of like an Ambassador.  I've used the Mondo bag kit, and they have some for applique shapes, but again, those didn't appeal.  I did find the Tumbling Blocks kit, and thought that would be fun to try.  I had gone to a quilt show recently that had a Tumbling Blocks quilt in multi-colors, and had wanted to see what I could do with the foundation/fusible printed interfacing they provided.  But I also knew I had other projects, so this would have to be table runner size.  16 1/2 by 42 1/2, that works for me.  

But then Halloween Costumes and Mom's change in behavior put a "hold" on it.  And not deciding how to quilt it, too.  Sometimes a project needs to wait until it inspires the next step.  

So, Step 1.  Pick Fabrics.  Put them back, and pick again.  Decide, finally, on Alpine Ice, in shades of gray and slate, and Dot for the background.  I needed strips cut to rectangles.  And one sheet of the interfacing for the runner.  Step 2, put back the fabric.  Step 3.  Play with the idea on EQ8.  Step 4, pull the fabric again.  Yes, there was some indecision. lol  Finally, cut it, and sew the pieces together, sew it to the interfacing, trim it and turn it with the Dritz Quick Turn (Which I've had for years, and constantly find great uses for, in dressmaking and in quilting) and be careful because the interfacing may rip a little.  Step 5.  Decide again how to place the designs, and make sure the beginning and end pieces/blocks work for that design.  Step 6.  Fold background fabric and press it well to form lines for you to fuse the strips down.  Step 7.  Fuse, and use Aurifil Clear Monofilament thread to applique down the edges.  Step 8.  Admire it, sew on the side borders, and press again, then baste it with batting and backing (I used Island Batik's new White solid fabric. Awesome!!)  Step 9, (procrastinate, if needed, lol) Quilt about 1/4" from the edges of each strip with Aurifil 50wt 2605 Gray, with a walking foot (I know, it's not Free Motion for a change!), and bind with Island Batik's new Gray solid fabric.  Again, awesome.  So, here's the finished project.  

 That's the back, showing some of the quilting detail, and the White fabric by Island Batik and the Gray binding.  The fabric patch is a left-over, but basically that's what you make, before sewing them in a row, and then to an interfacing strip.
I think it looks like 3-D in this view.   
The whole thing.   
Not so much a 3-D look in this view, but kind of a cool zig-zag thing. 
Ah, the 3-D blocks appear again. 
I'm so happy it's finished.  I have some other projects to finish and start some holiday gifts, soon.  I will let you know when they're done.  The December challenge for Island Batik Ambassadors is Whimsical or Wonky.  I'm going for Whimsy this time.  I hope to share that soon.  In the meantime, I'm also ready to quilt the November Log Cabin challenge, the one I appliqued lights on.  I'll have the directions and file for the lights ready soon.  

Thanks again for visiting, and I hope you enjoyed reading this book, lol.  


Sally said...

This fabric was PERFECT for this design. It’s important to wait for just that right inspiration. This one was worth the wait!

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

Beautiful quilt project and I also had fun creating with that neat line of batiks!

Kathleen said...

Beautiful table runner and I love that you do get 2 different designs depending on which way you look. Alpine lace was fun - I used it in blue and did a little giveaway in the grey colorway you used.

Calicojoan said...

I love the design peeking out of every block. Great fabrics for this pattern!

Quilting Tangent said...

Amazing, how different it looks when turned. Good job.

Unknown said...

You always do a great job. so beautiful keep up your wonderful work. Your quilting is amazing.