Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Pieced to Perfection with Earthly Greens

 Welcome to the preview of Earthly Greens, and my unfinished project.  

This gorgeous collection has shades of olive green, from light to dark, with pale yellow and cream.  The additional colors are shades of chocolate brown, with hints of orange, red, and yellow.  The tjaps (chops) have large leaves, small leaves, plants, mums, and dots.  The collection is rich and perfect for Autumn.  

The Island Batik Ambassadors were challenged to use foundation paper piecing, or English paper piecing for our projects.  Since it's supposed to be a challenge, I decided to do a bucket-list designer project, and picked Autumn Pines from Judy Neimeyer at Quiltworx.  
The cover quilt was created with a different brand's batik, but I knew Earthly Greens would be perfect for it.  My problem is that these quilts take a lot more time than you would think, but then again, it's going to be perfect, and stunning.  I also didn't think I would lose over a month being too sick to work.  I'm still dealing with the sinus infection that won't go away, but hoping to feel better soon. 

I did watch a number of Judy's free Youtube shows to help me get ready for this colossal endeavor, and they helped, but a class with a certified Quiltworx instructor would have been beneficial.  There are a number of easier patterns to do, but I loved the star and feather parts, plus the curved border.  I've done foundation paper piecing before, and consider myself an advanced quilter (because I've had many wonderful challenges as an Ambassador, thanks IB!) But this is very detailed.  I also picked this because most of the fabric requirements were within the bundle that was sent. I love some of the other designs, but they require more yardage for certain shapes.

Here's my progress so far.  Not too bad, considering that there are 14 pieces in each feather part, and there are 12 units, for 168 pieces in those, alone.  The "double wedding ring" parts have over 180 pieces.  I haven't counted the curved border yet, lol.  Yes, it's time consuming, but the pattern instructions are well done, and the newsprint paper is pre-printed, which made some of this so easy.  Although I looked at designing something of my own, like I usually do, this one kept calling me.  There are a few other Quiltworx patterns on my list now, too.  

Anyway, here's where I finished before this writing.
I started by laying out the assorted 1/2 yard pieces that we were provided to Ambassadors.  The second from the bottom,  creamy center one was also sent in a 2 yard piece (mum/swirl print) , and the 3rd green down (with small light olive leaves) was also sent in a 2 yard piece.  Island Batik is so generous.  This pattern required quite a bit of the variety, and the light would be great for some of the background.  I added Buttermilk, which is behind the collection.  I picked the greens from lightest to darkest, for the DWR parts and the browns for the feathers.  I was hoping to use multiples of the browns, but the template for cutting the pieces suggested only 2.  I'll use the others, with more of the greens, for the curved border.  I picked the large green leaves with orange, red and yellow for the center part (star) and the small with colors for the outer part.  
Outer DWR part. 

Inner and some of the outer, for a quick picture.  The inner pieces become triangles with the added brown sections, the base of the feathers. 

Then comes the feathers. .
The top left section is complete.  I have 10 more feathers to make, and then add the other backgrounds.  Then comes the curved border.  I plan to also do another border or 2, depending on the scraps and finished size I want.  Without the border, it will measure about 48".  I want to go to at least 60, and plan to use Hobb's Wool batting for this, with maybe a cotton with scrim under it, and I really want to do custom quilting.  This is going to be epic.  But again, bucket list quilts should be special.  
Of course, I used a Schmetz Microtech 12 needle, and Aurifil 50wt thread for piecing.  I'll use Aurifil for quilting, as well.  I'm grateful for the Janome Horizon 9450 with push button cutting, as that's made some of the piecing easier, and love the clear foot with the red arrow for needle placement, and the easy switch to the 1/4" foot with guide for the traditional piecing parts.  

I'm honored to be an Island Batik ambassador, and to have these great challenges.  I was hoping to have more of the top done, but hope to have more time soon.  In the meantime, please visit the other Ambassador blogs for their designs, and additional give-aways.  

Susan Deshensky from Lady Blue Quilts also had Earthly Greens collection today, and her gorgeous finished top really shows the colors well.  Please check out her post.  

Check the Island Batik blog for the schedule of others, and to see the recap and posts from last week.  There's also a give-away of a bundle of Earthly Greens or Lavender Fields, too.  

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Leave a comment to enter to win some fabric from me.  Have you ever tried a Quiltworx pattern?  Have you ever done foundation paper piecing?  If you need help to get started with this technique, let me know and I'll recommend some books or videos.  

Earthly Greens may be found in the following shops (search online for links)

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kathrie@yahoo.com said...

I love your process and your project! This is not for the faint of heart but you certainly are making it less intimidating. Looking forward to seeing the entire piece!

Quilting Tangent said...

Your quilt is looking good, feel better. No I haven't done a quiltworx's pattern or paper piecing. 24Tangent@gmail.com

Jennifer Schifano Thomas said...

Maryellen, it is looking beautiful! I can't wait to see the finished project. I hope you feel better soon. Love and hugs.

Lori Smanski said...

wow this is so pretty. thanks for sharing your process here.

dgs said...

How beautiful. I've never attempted a Quiltworx pattern, but I do love the finished look. I think I need to take a class on paper piecing, as I once stiched a paper piece blook for a guild quilt for an outgoing president who happened to be a retired school teacher. All the blocks were paper pieced school houses and mine was backwards (the only backward block in her quilt).

tac73 said...

These coors look gorgeous in the design. I have thought about doing a Quiltworx pattern but it is a bit intimidating. I have one of the few simpler ones to try.

@lutzcats said...

Your project is coming along beautifully! I actually took a class from Judy and her Quiltworx..many years ago, and her patterns are insanely gorgeous and accurate, teaching methods are phenomenal.

Joyce Carter said...

I am really sorry you haven't been feeling well Maryellen. I hope you feel better soon. Just from what you have accomplished so far, I can tell your quilt will be awesome.I love the fabrics and the pattern.
I haven't tried this type of pattern, but I have done paper piecing.
It did make your block look great, but it wasted a lot of fabric and I didn't like that.Thanks for the chance at your giveaway.

Sharon Aurora said...

That design is so beautiful! I have never tried a Quiltworx pattern, but I have done foundation paper piecing. It is a bit tricky to learn.

Brenda @ Songbird Designs said...

It will be gorgeous, Maryellen. Take good care of yourself and feel better soon. So sorry you feel so poorly. Mine was a Quiltworx pattern - my first! They are beautiful but so time consuming! It's worth it in the end though.

works4me said...

Great progress on what will be a gorgeous quilt. I have never done a Quiltworx pattern as they intimidate me. I can paper piece but...

Pamela said...

Oh WOW! I admire your curves! The way you used the colors is beautiful too. Thanks so much for sharing your process too. I haven't tried a Quiltworx pattern, but I am inspired to now. Thanks again!

Sewgirl said...

Yes, I have done a Quiltworxs pattern it was a starburst of some sort. Don’t remember the pattern name off the top of my head…it was pretty involved so I can completely understand why you are only as far as you are! So many quilts, so little time!!

Beth said...

I have done some foundation paper piecing, but much simpler than yours. Your quilt is going to be a stunner, based on the gorgeous start.

Jayne said...

This is going to be a beautiful quilt. Can't wait to see it finished. Quiltworx patterns would be too challenging for me but maybe one day

Lee said...

Your work is amazing and very lovely! I have not used those patterns nor paper pieced before. I would love to try it out!

nicolesender said...

I have not tried it and would appreciate any recommendations on books or videos.
Hope you feel better soon! Autumn Pines looks like it would not be a good choice for me to try; much too advanced for me. It will make a gorgeous quilt!

VA said...

Several years ago I took a class on paper piecing. I did buy the Stepping Stones pattern years ago but haven't tackled that one yet.

Dawn F said...

Good luck on your quilt! It is sure to be beautiful when finished. I have only done a test block with foundation paper piecing, never done a quilt with it, but definitely would like to try.

Cindy Shelley said...

I love paper piecing. I love Quiltworx patterns. In 2009 I took a 3 day class with Judy. These batiks are gorgeous in your quilt.