Sunday, February 12, 2012

Just Tickled!!

There are quite a few things going on right now.  I'm designing more quilted wall hangings with lights, and practicing more Free Motion Quilting, and working on 2 Irish Chain quilts, one for my son, and the other with and for my 10 year old nephew.   I've also sold some kits and fabric on my Etsy store.  The latest precut kit was for a Drunkard's Path table runner, and since I borrowed my friend's 3 1/2" die, I asked the customer if she wanted to try it.  96 little blocks were cut out in minutes, and I played with EQ7 to design some layouts for her, and sent it off. 

I found some scraps of shamrock fabric I had, and cut out a few more blocks for me to piece.  Man!! Those curves are tight!  I've done lots of curves.  Lots of dresses, and quite a few quilted items.  I'm no slouch when it comes to sewing curves, but these required some extra attention.  I didn't consider that the smaller block would have a smaller arc!  But, cutting them on the Accuquilt GO! machine and those little notches are great.  I'll use smaller stitches next time, and maybe a few more pins.  Yes, the queen of no pins wants more than 3.  lol. 

So, how to quilt a 17 1/2" square with curves??  How about feathers??  Aren't you just tickled?? lol. 
SewCal Gal's current FMQ challenge is feathers.  I'm sure my attempts will just tickle your funnybone!  The first one looked like something a hunting dog would drag in! lol.  The next ones were not much better.  I am working on another quilt and really want feathers in some of the triangles and flying geese blocks.  So, I need to practice and get this design down so I can finish the wall hanging.  It's pinned and ready to quilt, and begging for attention. 
So, swallow what ever you are drinking or eating.  Fair warning, these are funny.  First attempts at feathers.
Okay, maybe they aren't my first attempt at the shape, because my Prairie Paisley tossed 9 patch has a feather like thing in the border (using a stencil).

I played a little more on that large scrap of muslin and batting. 
Not quite as bad, but still, laughable.  I'm not new to FMQ!!  I have skills!!! I know my machine!!! Um, not proving it here! lol. 

So here's the Feathered Irish Drunkard's Path mini quilt.  It's about 17 1/2" square.  The feathers are in black thread on the black area.  The green micro dot fabric was quilted with a tight meander using a matching green thread.  The texture is good.  I pieced with Aurifil, but quilted with Gutermann thread, since I need to use it up, and since I didn't have a kelly green in Aurifil.  It's not as bad as the practice attempts.  I like the flow of the spine I drew, and think it fills and deliberately overfills the space of the path. 

A closeup of the design.

And the back!  I need to have a useful piece to practic on, but I'm not quite ready for quilting the wallhanging.

More practice pieces will be made.  Overall, it was fun, and Diane gave great instructions. 

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Christine said...

Loving those feathers! Giggle! And I love have you have been post more on your blog, your blog postings are so interested and you are so talented!