Friday, April 20, 2012

A FNSI for ConKerr sponsored by Arrow Cabinets

Handmade by Heidi

 Arrow Cabinets mentioned a FNSI a few weeks ago.  What on earth is a FNSI???  I had no idea.  There are wayyy too many acronyms out in Blog land!!  It actually stands for Friday Night Sew In.  I sew most every night, and most days, but I can see where someone who has a job, small family and spouse may need to schedule time for a passion.  I am lucky that I can play when I want!  Although a spouse would be nice, and maybe a real salary, but I digress...

Heidi and her friends teamed with Arrow Cabinets and ConKerr Cancer to get their usual FNSI participants to make pillowcases.  Arrow is providing great prizes for random winners who make and send them pillowcases.  The cases will be sent to ConKerr Cancer to be distributed to cancer patients in hospitals.  It makes their room more cheery and provides a reminder that they are not battling alone; that lots of people support them.  I decided to participate, and since I plan to see Wizard of Oz at BeCa High Friday, I won't be sewing!  I wanted to get them done.  It takes about 3/4 yard of fabric for the main print, and about 1/3 for the trim section.  It only takes about 2 hours to make 3.  They are actually quick and very easy, and perfect for a beginner.  There is even a fun surprise if you use the "Hot Dog" method.  So, I pulled some of my fabrics that I hope would brighten someone's day.  The first was an Electric Guitar print on royal blue, and I paired it with bright red.  I hope some boy who loves music enjoys it.  The second print I pulled with a turquoise blue "plaid" with cell phones and more acronyms on it.  It's fun and cute.  I paired that with some eggplant purple solid.  CUL8ter! BFF! Lol. 

 The third fabric is a bold print with circles and leaves and colors.  I know where I got it.  It was not what I ordered!!  I do pick some novelty prints, like guitars and cell phones and cars, but this is too wild for me.  I showed Christine (my QBFF) when it came in the order from Quilt In A Day, and she said it was cool.  I thought it was weird!!  I couldn't think how I was ever going to use it.  But I also realize that not everyone likes my florals, and others like fabrics and designs like this.  It is certainly bright and funky!  I paired that with the eggplant Kona cotton, too.  I added a little white trim to both of the more girly prints, and then washed them. 
Wowza!! I need sunglasses with that one!

The pillowcases are ready to ship to Arrow.  But wait!  There's more!!  I weighed the 3 and they are more than 15 ounces, so more than $3.50 for shipping first class.  The next deal price is Priority First Class envelope, for $5.  But don't you think I should add some more pillow cases to make the shipping worth it?  I do have more fabric.  I'll dig through and see what else I can whip up over the weekend. 

I'm glad I can do something like this to make someone feel better.  If you want to buy fabric or learn how to make this pillowcase, let me know.  You can do a simple thing like this, too.  It's so worth it! 

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Mariazicc said...

That is an amazing and thoughtful thing you are doing.