Sunday, April 15, 2012

Guess it's a writing night.

I just finished a blog post about dinner, and decided to do a quick post about my latest quilt.  I wouldn't want you to think I 'm not sewing! 

I recently won some fabrics.  I think I blogged about it in March.  Anyway, one of the prizes was an assortment of 14 batik FQ pieces from Hoffman of California, in the Honeysuckle colorway.  It's a beautuful collection of teal blue and brown, with golden tans and a little green.  I'm making a quilt, but also have 5 blocks left over.  They will be a small table runner and 2 snack mats.  The pattern for the quilt is from Atkinson Designs, called Yellow Brick Road.  It's pretty easy and fast, and the lap size uses 12 FQs.  A Fat Quarter (FQ) is a piece of fabric that is about 18 by 22 inches.  A normal quarter of a yard is 9 by 44.  A FQ is a half yard (18 inches) cut in half by the width.  Picture a small cake.  Instead of cutting 4 thin slices, you cut it into 4 squares (an X).  That's a fat quarter! 

The top is currently complete, with border, but this picture shows how it looked on Enright's design wall, before we moved some squares around.  Each square is 9 1/2" at this point.  Isn't it a great wall?  Perfect for playing with pieces (and large enough for a lap quilt!  The border is teal, like the larger teal (darker) section in the 2nd square from the right, top row.  As soon as I find backing fabric, it will get basted and quilted. 

Do you like it??  It's really pretty in person! 


Sew Gramy Sew said...

Mary, this quilt is awesome. I am looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Sew Gramy Sew said...

by the way this is Tammie

SewCalGal said...

Beautiful. Those fabrics work so well with the Yellow Brick Road pattern. Love it. Inspirational (I want to make one like it).

I bet Hoffman California Fabrics fans on Facebook would also love to see it too.