Saturday, July 28, 2012

2012 LI Quilt Shop Hop

One of my favorite things to do is see other quilt shops, and going with my BFFQB (best forever friend quilting buddy) Christine makes it even better.  We took the day on Friday to drive and shop and look at quilts and fabric and watch demonstrations and eat snacks and buy fabric and drive and shop.  I think that's the perfect plan for a day, don't you??? lol
Our first stop was Sew What's New in Islip, and the theme this year was "The Great White Way".  Their play was Cats. 
Here's their quilt.  Each store gets one block pattern to share, and the store creates a quilt with all 6 blocks.  My favorite thing in this store is the White Rotary treadle in the bathroom!

The next store was Patchworkx.  Their theme was Wicked, and all the help had on green tees and witch's hats.  This was their store sample.  I got a few bargain pieces of batiks there. 

Christine and I then headed out to Riverhead, for Pieceful Quilting.  Their theme was Annie Get Your Gun.  Their quilt had cow print fabric, lol. 

The next store, Beyond the Thimble, was new on this hop.  The theme was Mama Mia, and they had a wedding dress for decoration and served fancy cookies on wedding theme napkins, and they had a few wedding photos around.  Cute!  I found a few bargain fabrics there, too.  Their quilt had embroidered designs in the setting blocks. 

We then went to Pieceful Quilting in East Northport, and their theme was South Pacific.  I loved the idea of their quilt.  The applique set to the right, framed by blocks, was really pretty.

Our last store, Sentimental Stitches in Cold Spring Harbor, had the theme of Damn Yankees.  I forgot to take a picture of their quilt!

Shop Hops are fun!  There are also prizes and gifts from many of the shops.  This year's prize includes a sewing machine, and the gift baskets at each are really great!  You need to get your "passport" stamped in each store to be eligible.  We plan to do this every year!  We really enjoy the day, relaxing in the car, looking for fabric for a new project, or just watching the demos of the newest products.  This is our third year, and we're excited that we get it done in one day.   I'm hoping Christine can join me for one in Pennsylvania one year.  That one is 12 shops, and it takes me 3 days to do it.  FUN!!! 

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QuiltinWayne said...

Sounds like you had a good time ME...
Wish we had quilt shops in my area to be able to do shop hop's. . .