Sunday, July 22, 2012

July FMQ sample

Here it is, July, and after 7 months of practices, I see some improvement.  Some monthly challenges have been easy, and others more, um, challenging.  I need to practice certain skills, but find my biggest challenge is practicing.  I don't always have my machine set for FMQ, so, I don't spend enough time doing it.  It's been hot, and holding a  large quilt on my body while working on it hasn't been a priority lately.  I also find certain designs to be more adaptable to my style of quilting, and I know my skills are improving.  I know where my challenges are.  I see improvement. 

This month Angela Walters showed the Tile design.  The people on the Facebook group page have shown a variety of different fillers.  There are benefits to that, as well, but also, I think I need to practice some of the fillers longer.  I will be working on some quilt designs that will work with the tiles, but the current tops I have ready to quilt don't work.  They are more traditional, and I think Tiles works better with more modern or with larger setting areas.  It's another for the design folder, though, and it's an excellent way to fill in.  I really love Angela's designs, and look forward to seeing more from her.  And I'm really grateful that SewCal Gal has designed this challenge and enabled me to really learn other styles.   I'm hoping to get a copy of Angela's book. 

So, here's my sample.  I did a "paisley" fill, a wave fill, wavy and straight lines, pebbles, and some flowers.  My pebbles were much improved over the last time I attempted them, and I think I was better at filling the space.  The waves were okay, the paisleys were okay, and the lines really need more practice.  I noticed I had tiny stitches at the ends, and nice stiches in the main parts.  And the frames around the tiles needed work, which is why I did the lines.  It's good to practice. 

Aurifil 50wt thread, in Aqua against black cotton, Warm & Natural batting.  I did mark the basics of the tile lines, but staying on them was difficult.  I also used Machinger gloves instead of the Gypsy fabric gripper.  I'm not sure yet which I prefer.  The gloves helped to grip the edges.  Need more practice and testing. 

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Angela Walters said...

Looks great!!! Thanks so much for sharing pictures. I love seeing the different fillers you used!