Friday, March 7, 2014

The newest Pirate Shirts

I was delighted to work with my most recent customer for pirate shirts.  He requested 2 shirts, one in Christmas Green Bella Solids by Moda, and the other in Moda's Bella Solids Admiral Blue.

Since I used that "store brand" red fabric a few months ago, I'm reluctant to try solids that are not name brand, and Fat Quarter Shop had Moda Bella on sale, so it was easy for me to refer him to this site for their color selection.  He chose the colors, and I offered options for embroidery stitching along the placket, as well as colors for the leather ties and eyelets.

After the discussions, he picked bronze metallic thread, bronze eyelets and brown leather ties on the Christmas Green, without sleeves, and gold metallic thread, with black eyelets, leather and long sleeves on the Admiral Blue.  I did prewash the fabric, because I wanted to make sure any shrinkage happened before the shirts were made.  I added a Shout Color Catcher, just in case, but it came out beautifully white, which means Moda's colors don't bleed.  I'm sure he'll get lots of comfortable wear out of these shirts.

Here are the finished shirts.

Know anyone who may want to be a pirate, or enjoys Renaissance Faires?  This client plans to wear the green with a kilt, and the blue will be under a pirate coat, or occasionally with a kilt.  I'm hoping he shares pictures.  Look for the deposit on custom Pirate shirts on my Etsy store!  

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